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Re: The Bullets.....

It never occurs to CTers who reside in the "OSWALD COULDN'T GET ANY BULLETS" camp that it would be ludicrous for Klein's Sporting Goods to be selling rifles to customers that could never be used if no bullets were available to put into those rifles.

And the CTers also ignore the fact that Klein's THEMSELVES were selling Carcano bullets in 1963. If Oswald had chosen to, he could have bought 108 Carcano bullets for $7.50 directly from Klein's, using the same magazine coupon he used to order the rifle and scope:


Klein's only sold the old WWII SMI ammo, which was very unreliable.



You think Oswald would have known that little fact when he ordered his Carcano rifle in March of '63?

And is that why he didn't purchase a box of 108 bullets from Klein's--because he knew for a fact that the bullets he'd be getting from Klein's were "very unreliable"? How would Oswald have known any such thing by just looking at the American Rifleman magazine ad?

Anyway, the point is --- Carcano bullets were obviously readily and widely available to purchase and obtain in 1963. And this '63 Klein's ad proves that fact....


You are expecting us to assume he [Lee Oswald] obtained the bullets without help from a conspirator.....fine, show us the evidence he did.

There were only 2 places in Dallas that sold WW MC ammo.


The bullets that went into Carcano rifles were obviously widely available in '63 -- and the Klein's ads prove this fact. They were selling the ammo in lots of 108 for just $7.50. Oswald didn't purchase the ammo from Klein's, but don't you think if Klein's had the bullets, other outlets might have had them too?

And I think it's silly to think the FBI checked EVERY single store in the Dallas area that sold bullets in '63. Impossible task. There were probably many hardware stores, specialty shops, department stores that sold guns, and hundreds of other stores that likely sold ammo.

Plus, if the plan was for a group of plotters to frame Oswald with the C2766 Carcano, and if the Klein's order is all phony anyway (as many CTers believe), why didn't they have "Hidell" buy some bullets from Klein's too?

We don't know where Oswald bought his revolver bullets either. I suppose this means I must conclude Oswald never shot Tippit because of that missing piece of information too, right?

The CTers, once more, don't disappoint me. They perpetually insist on focusing on all the wrong stuff as well as all of the forever-unanswerable questions.

David Von Pein
March 26, 2015
March 28, 2015