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Does anybody know what the deal is with DiEugenio? Every time something nice happens to me, he's there to attack it. A while back, Anthony Summers praised my work, and he went ballistic on it. Now I get a review published, and he gets all condescending [CLICK HERE].

If one wants to get respect, they have to give respect.


Don't sweat it, Stephen. If Jim DiEugenio ever says something nice about you, THEN it's time to start worrying. Because, as far as I have been able to tell, DiEugenio hasn't gotten one thing right about the JFK assassination yet. So, as far as I (personally) am concerned, I know if he is verbally bashing me, such as calling me one of the "Warren Commission Crazies" (which evidently is his newest put-down when bashing reasonable "LN" people), then I must be doing something right.

For example, let's have a gander (and a robust laugh, to boot) at DiEugenio's latest attack against me over at the Deep Politics Forum. And, by the way, Jimbo keeps bringing up this same "Railway Express" argument from time to time, which I love to see him do---because if THIS paper-thin argument is the best he's got to knock down my LN arguments, then I can certainly claim a definitive victory against this conspiracy clown....

[Quote On:]

"Von Pein is the prime example of the Warren Commission Crazies or kamikazes.

I mean, see there was never any evidence that Oswald ever picked up the handgun used to shoot Tippit at Railway Express. In fact, even more exculpatory, there was never any evidence that the FBI even went there. So how did the transaction happen?

According to Von Pein, the post office kept a separate box for REA transactions and a separate container for the money. Remember this is in 1963. Before the proliferation of private mailers like Fed Ex and UPS. Of which REA was a forerunner. The USPS was a competitor with REA. He has them doing a collection for them.

Not kidding. He said that.

This is how apoplectic the guy is about the Commission. But see you have to be afflicted in order to buy that BS today."

-- James DiEugenio; March 30, 2015

[End Quote.]

How about that for sterling logic and razor-sharp evaluation of the evidence against Oswald in the Tippit murder, folks? DiEugenio is much more concerned about the lack of a paper trail that would connect Lee Harvey Oswald to the Smith & Wesson revolver that killed Officer J.D. Tippit than he is about the PROVABLE FACT that Oswald had that very same gun ON HIM (as he was trying to shoot more policemen with it) when he was arrested inside the Texas Theater just a half-hour after Officer Tippit was gunned down.

And yet DiEugenio claims that it is I who has "to be afflicted in order to buy that BS today".

There are no words left for me to use to describe how utterly preposterous and insane DiEugenio's thinking is regarding this matter concerning Oswald's revolver and the Railway Express.

To DiEugenio, Oswald being caught red-handed with the murder weapon in his very own hands in the movie theater on 11/22/63 is of far less importance than being able to answer the following question --- When and where did Oswald first pick up the revolver after he purchased it by mail order in early 1963?

Allow me to repeat something I said two years ago....

"How anyone can possibly even begin to take DiEugenio seriously when it comes to the JFK assassination is a real mystery to me." -- DVP; January 4, 2013

BTW, DiEugenio also has a lousy memory, because in 2011 I proved that I was correct when I speculated that perhaps the United States Post Office would occasionally forward money to third parties after collecting a COD payment from a P.O. Box holder. DiEugenio always totally ignores this discussion from December 2011.


I can't help but note that DVP quoted a 2003 mail regulation for 1963!

Now, if I did that, he would be hopping all over me.

See Davey, 40 years ago there was no UPS or Fedex or this proliferation of private mail.

But there were not back then. Only REA as far as I can tell. (UPS was only a small regional business. It did not explode until the seventies.)

So go ahead and produce a regulation from back then.



Common sense should tell you that there must have been some kind of system being utilized by the U.S. Post Office in 1963 for forwarding funds to the proper people and companies who mailed stuff to P.O. Boxes via C.O.D. MAIL. Otherwise, how could companies like Seaport Traders get the money that people still owed them for the C.O.D. merchandise that was flowing through the Post Office?

And I am assuming that Seaport, if they had chosen to do so, COULD have mailed Oswald's revolver to his P.O. Box without utilizing REA as the delivery service, and instead they could have sent it through the regular "U.S. Mail", which would have meant that only the U.S. Post Office would have handled the package containing the revolver.

Now, if you DON'T think that could have happened, and if Seaport was FORCED to utilize a delivery company like REA to deliver a C.O.D. package to a P.O. Box, please let me know how you arrived at that conclusion.

Because if that revolver COULD have conceivably been mailed by Seaport by just using the US Post Office only (instead of Railway Express Agency), then quite obviously the Post Office would need to have a system in place for the forwarding of money to the proper party (Seaport Traders in Los Angeles) that the Post Office had collected from Oswald. And this would, of course, also apply to C.O.D. mail being delivered by the U.S. Post Office to people's home addresses too, not just P.O. Boxes.


DVP cannot prove that Oswald picked up the handgun.


The proof that Oswald "picked up the handgun" is the FACT that he had that same gun ON HIM on November 22, 1963.

But Jimbo, for some silly reason all his own, keeps pretending that it's necessary to prove precisely WHERE and WHEN Oswald "picked up" his Smith & Wesson revolver in order to answer this question:

Did Lee Harvey Oswald shoot J.D. Tippit?

It's just one more example of CTers focusing on all the wrong things. They never stop doing it. Another one being: Where did Oswald buy his bullets?

CTers pretend that an answer to the above question is VITAL in order to figure out whether Oswald shot anybody on November 22. All of the physical evidence (bullets, shells) proving Oswald DID obtain some bullets to put in his guns is completely meaningless to CTers like Jimbo. He's MUCH more concerned about tracing those bullets and finding the clerk at the post office who handed Oswald the gun(s).

So, conspiracists will forever ignore the wheat and concentrate on the chaff. It never fails. They keep chasing their tails (and tales) with no hope of catching it.

Dizzy yet, Jim?

David Von Pein
March 31, 2015
April 23, 2015