(PART 50)


>>> "What if it is someone you love or is a friend next time? No proof, just shoot them." <<<


In what post did I endorse Ruby shooting Oswald? I must have missed
the post where I endorsed that murder. Can you point it out to me, Mr.

>>> "It isn't evidence in the true sense until it withstands a cross-[examination], so he [LHO] was as innocent as you." <<<

Try telling that to J.D. Tippit's widow and J.D.'s three kids. (Their
names, btw, are Charles Allen, Brenda Kay, and Curtis Glenn. Your
hero named Lee, who can never be declared "Guilty" according to your
insane kookbook, killed their father.)

>>> "The fact that he [John Wilkes Booth] was seen shooting Lincoln makes the two not even remotely the same thing. .... He was seen doing the deed and seen jumping to the stage. No one saw LHO do anything." <<<

Nobody saw Lee Oswald do anything on November 22nd....except:

Murder JFK (Brennan).

Murder Tippit (Markham, Scoggins, Benavides, Tatum).

Flee the scene of Tippit's murder (Callaway, Davis, Davis, Reynolds,
Patterson, Russell, Lewis, Brock).

And attempt to shoot more policemen in the Texas Theater (Brewer,
McDonald, Hill, Walker, and many other DPD officers).

Sinking ever deeper into the CT abyss is Robcap. The following
ridiculous/ludicrous statements from his e-lips (culled from JUST his
last post) prove that fact about the abyss-sinking without too much

"It is faked and the WC pointed out itself how fake it is with
their lame claims. Most of them make no sense."
--- (The kook
thinks the WC was being too hard on his double-murdering pal named
Lee Harvey. Or was "Lee Harvey" really "Harvey" on November 22nd?
Only their hairdressers and handlers know for sure. And a kook named
Rob too, of course.)

"The bullets in this case are the craziest in history." --- (The
kook, for some idiotic reason, thinks that the Mannlicher-Carcano
bullet that penetrated John Kennedy's skull at full speed was obliged
to STAY ON THE EXACT SAME TRAJECTORY LINE after hitting the hard bones
of JFK's skull. Go figure.)

"We don't just arrest people and then shoot them with no trial
in America."
--- (Spoken by the kook as if Ruby was part of the "We"
in that statement, instead of Ruby being the type of person he
actually was, i.e., exactly the type of person who might want to take
justice into his own hands, as well as being the type of person who
could have easily wormed his way into the DPD basement on Sunday
morning, without being frisked by his police friends, to perform his
deed at 11:21 AM that day.)

"No one saw LHO do anything." --- (This quote is the prize in
Rob's package of kookshit from his last hilarious post.)

"No one saw LHO do anything." --- (Deserving of an instant
replay, due to its hilarity...and its blatant incorrectness.)

David Von Pein
November 14, 2007