(PART 48)


>>> "But the ID of the gun was done by Weitzman and Fritz, not Craig, so he was simply repeating what he was told - that they found a Mauser before they located the MC!!" <<<


Please quote Weitzman or Fritz saying that they saw the words "7.65
Mauser" stamped on the rifle.

The only person who ever said that was your hero--the wonderful, ever-
truthful Roger Dean Craig.

And there was never a SECOND rifle found on the sixth floor (or the
fifth floor), Mr. Kook.

>>> "Others have stated a Mauser was found also, it was obviously being hidden from us." <<<

Yeah, either that or maybe the officers who offered up the kneejerk
initial comments about the Carcano being a Mauser were incorrect in
that kneejerk initial reaction AND SAID SO LATER ON (which they
did....except for your pal Mr. Craig, of course). But, I guess Roger
was the only truthful one in the bunch, huh?

>>> "How about all the lies the WC told or the lies they made witnesses tell." <<<

How about you proving to the masses that the Warren Commission
"lied" and proving that the WC made witnesses lie. Can you do that?
Should I hold my breath waiting for your proof to support both of
those idiotic contentions?

>>> "What did he [Oswald] lie about?" <<<

Good God. How can anyone be this stupid?

Here's a Starter List of 39 Oswald lies (there are plenty more too).

>>> "That is because he [LHO] was innocent..." <<<

And nuns can fly too.

It's nice believing in fantasies, ain't it?

>>> "Wouldn't you deny killing two people?" <<<

Sure I would. Because I didn't kill two people in Dallas in 1963.
Lee Harvey Oswald, on the other hand, did kill two people. And
denying guilt after a killer has been caught is certainly not
uncommon. In fact, it's expected.

>>> "That is why the burden of proof is on the prosecution to prove beyond a reasonable doubt he did these crimes, and based on what I have read, they didn't stand a chance." <<<

That's because you are buried in pro-conspiracy books and theories and
you cannot evaluate and assess information properly.

And then there's the fact that you're an Anybody-But-Oswald kook too.
That doesn't exactly help your case either.

>>> "There are no positives in this case Dave, period." <<<

I'm positive you're a Mega-Kook. (Does that count?)

>>> "Two witnesses beyond Craig said he [Rambler Man] looked like LHO's twin. Sounds suspicious to me." <<<

Not to a reasonable non-kook who can assess information properly
(and chronologically). Oswald was proven to be ELSEWHERE at the
time when Craig places him in a Rambler at 12:40. Maybe Elizabeth
Montgomery and her mother, Endora, whipped up a second Oswald
at just the right moment, huh? Why not try that "Bewitched" theory.
It should work as well as all your other kooky ones have.

>>> "Why did LHO reference Ruth's car? What made him mention that?" <<<

There's no corroboration whatsoever (beyond your hero named Roger)
that Oswald said any such thing in Captain Fritz' office.

Plus, as has been pointed out to you several times now, the station
wagons don't mesh -- i.e., Craig is sure he saw a "Nash Rambler"; Mrs.
Paine owned a different model station wagon.

So if you want to believe Craig AND Oswald in this "station wagon"
regard, how is it that Oswald was able to get into a "Rambler" owned
by Ruth Paine when Paine didn't own a Rambler at all?

>>> "The testimony of the cab driver is shaky..." <<<


William W. Whaley positively placed Lee Oswald in his cab.

Why not try reading some of the things these witnesses ACTUALLY SAID,
instead of trying to place this huge cloud of DOUBT and MYSTERY over
the whole case?

And believing that every witness who gave incriminating testimony
against LHO was being coerced or forced into so doing is just plain
stupid. But, being a kook, you probably believe that William Whaley
was telling a lie in his testimony shown below, right Mr. K?.....

Mr. BELIN. Was the man in connection with the Ruby matter with the two
detectives, did it have his name in the paper as Lee Harvey Oswald?
Was his name in the paper then when you saw his picture?

Mr. WHALEY. Well, I don't think they had it that way. I think they
just had it Oswald. I am not sure what they had under it. I am not for
sure, but I did see the picture.

Mr. BELIN. Was that the same man you carried in your cab on Friday?

Mr. WHALEY. Yes, sir.

Mr. BELIN. Was that the man you identified at the police station?

Mr. WHALEY. Yes, sir.


>>> "And except for a bus pass there is nothing tying LHO to the bus either." <<<

Bullshit (again).

Mary E. Bledsoe (do you know who she was?) ..... she KNEW OSWALD ON
SIGHT, and she was on the same bus Oswald boarded at about 12:40 on
11/22/63. Bledsoe had rented a room to Oswald just one month prior to
the assassination, and after one week she, in effect, kicked him out,
because she didn't like him. So she HAD A REASON TO NOTICE WHO HE WAS

Is Mary telling tales out of school here too, Robby? (These are
excerpts from Bledsoe's 11/23/63 official affidavit.).....

"Last Friday, November 22, 1963, I went downtown to see the
President. .... I walked over to Elm Street and caught a bus to go
home. The bus traveled West on Elm Street to about Murphy Street and
made a stop and that is when I saw Lee Oswald get on the bus. .... Due
to the heavy traffic, Oswald got off the bus and I didn't see him
again. I know this man was Lee Oswald because he lived in my home from
October 7, 1963 to October 14, 1963."

Mrs. Mary E. Bledsoe


>>> "Now, it may have happened as Harvey needed to leave and couldn't drive..." <<<

Harvey Korman from "The Carol Burnett Show"? I love him! He's
hilarious. (But not nearly as funny as a kook named Robert Caprio,

>>> "Lee could have gotten into the Rambler." <<<

Oh goodie! An Armstrong-like, made-up-from-bullshit "Double Oswald"
007 plot! I love these!

>>> "Lee was the violent one according to the researchers who have studied this." <<<

And "Harvey" was just a....rabbit....right? He'd never even hurt Jimmy
Stewart, right? (Correct me if I've got it wrong. I'd hate to spoil a
kook's fantasy by getting something askew here.)

>>> "The problem with bus transfers is they can be planted..." <<<

Of course. And so can guns, and shells, and fingerprints, and
stretcher bullets, and paper bags, and everything else east of the
Rockies in order to frame poor innocent Lee. Or is it "Harvey" being
framed today? I forget.

Or maybe we're back to Korman again. Or perhaps Jerry Lewis and Keenan
Wynn, two of the stars of this fine feature flick (which would have
been an ideal motion-picture vehicle for Patsy Oswald too).

>>> "Anyone could have bought that transfer and linked it to LHO, just like the gun and the alias card." <<<

And the shells in the Sniper's Nest [SN], and the shells on 10th Street,
and the revolver in Oswald's pocket, and CE399 in Parkland Hospital,
and the two large bullet fragments found in the front seat of the limo
(which, like CE399, were linked to LHO's MC rifle to the exclusion of every
other weapon ever made), and the LHO prints on the two boxes in the
SN, and the LHO palmprint on the MC rifle, and the order form for the
MC rifle (which was in LHO's handwriting), and the money order for the
MC rifle (which was in LHO's handwriting)....


The clothing fibers wedged in the butt plate of the MC rifle (which
matched LHO's arrest shirt), and the paper bag found in the SN, and
the two LHO prints on the paper bag found in the SN, and the fibers
found inside the paper bag which matched the blanket in Paine's
garage, and the jacket that Oswald shed on Nov. 22 (if the Texaco
jacket wasn't his, whose was it and where did LHO's jacket disappear
to at the very same time?), and the backyard photographs (which Marina
admitted to taking, one of which turned up among George
DeMohrenschildt's possessions in 1977 with LHO's signature on the
back, which was proven to be the handwriting of Lee Harvey Oswald)....


Oswald's own guilty-like actions were probably just a clever "ruse"
too. LHO was probably given some kind of "I FEEL LIKE ACTING LIKE A
GUILTY PERSON" drug by the plotters before noon on November 22nd, so
that he would go around Dallas acting like a guilty person after the
President's murder....


All of the witnesses could have been "coerced" or "bribed" or
"drugged" to tell one "IT WAS OSWALD" lie after another....witnesses
such as Howard Brennan, Helen Markham, Jack Tatum, William Scoggins,
Ted Callaway, Virginia Davis, Barbara Davis, Warren Reynolds, Mary
Brock, Johnny Brewer, Domingo Benavides, and many others.

Whew! That's a lot of Patsy-framing going on there.

Good luck proving all of that stuff above was just a "Patsy-Framing

David Von Pein
November 12, 2007