(PART 47)


>>> "No, it's not idiotic [the "1-Patsy, 3-Gun" assassination plot]. Under the circumstances, it was perfectly understandable." <<<


Oh, come now, my good man.

Such a "1-Patsy" plot that involves THREE gunmen shooting up the joint like a John Wayne Western is just plain retarded! Again...it was a retarded and impossible-to-pull-off type of "plot" in 1963; in 1973; and in 2007.

What in the world does the YEAR have to do with the built-in insanity connected with such an easy-to-figure-out thing?

Answer: Nothing.

A 5-year-old could figure out that such a plot never stood a chance of being successful. And yet, incredibly, Oliver Stone (to quote a line in the movie "JFK") "sold this lemon to the American public".

>>> "As the self-professed reformed conspiracy theorist that
you are..." <<<

I'm going to stop you right there, because I was never a "conspiracy theorist". Never. And I've never once said (in any of my posts or reviews on the Internet) that I was a "reformed conspiracy theorist".

So, I don't know where you got that incorrect information.

To tell you the truth, I wasn't really ANYTHING ("CTer" or "LNer") up to approx. 1986 (which is when I saw Vincent Bugliosi "prosecute" Oswald on TV in London during the "mock" trial on the Showtime cable network).

Even while reading the first JFK book I ever read in 1981 (David S. Lifton's fairy tale, "Best Evidence"), I don't have an independent recollection of really being on the "LN" side vs. the "CT" side at all. I guess I was stuck on the fence; I truly can't remember. But that book got me much more interested in the case than I had been, I know that.

I thank the Maker, though, that I didn't fall into Mr. Lifton's quicksand of "body-altering"/"casket-switching" absurdities.

I'm currently reading William Manchester's book, "The Death Of A President". I was able to find a First Edition copy at Amazon recently. I'd never read the book before. It's really good too. Amazing detail.

>>> "What was your position in 1973?" <<<

I had no "position" at all on the JFK murder in 1973. I was 11 years old. I was much more interested in the Cincinnati Reds' drive toward the N.L. West championship than I was John Fitzgerald Kennedy. (And I still think that the Mets' win over my Reds in the '73 NLCS was a "conspiracy". The Big Red Machine was a much better team than Yogi's Mets that year. But, that's another kettle of fish.)

BTW -- Did you know that the Boston Red Sox (JFK's home territory) had a second baseman named John Kennedy play for them in the 1970s? [See the 1973 Topps baseball card of Kennedy below.]

And get this -- the baseball-playing John Kennedy was born on the exact same day of the year (May 29th) as President Kennedy.

The ballplayer was also the exact same height as the President (6'-0"), and the baseball Kennedy made his big-league debut with...are ya ready?...the Washington Senators (where JFK presided over the country); and his major-league debut occurred in 1962, when JFK was in office on Pennsylvania Avenue.

Kinda reminds you of the "Lincoln-Kennedy coincidences" topic, huh?

If the ballplaying Kennedy's middle name was Frank or Fred, I'd have another amazing co-inky to share. But, he was one letter off for a middle initial--E (Edward). But, of course, JFK's famous brother is named Edward. So, there ya go. (The "May 29" birthdate thing still amazes me. Only a 1 in 365.25 chance of that happening.)

David Von Pein
November 2007