(PART 45)


>>> "If my recollection serves me, once you said we could possibly be right about there being a BOH [back of the head] wound [on JFK]...but, since Vincent Bugliosi's book came out, you now say it'd be "impossible"?" <<<


Yes, I have remarked in the past about the "possibility" of something like what you think occurred having actually occurred (i.e., JFK was hit by one bullet from behind, but his skull cracks like an egg--sort of--and the back of his head, as well as the exit point for the bullet in the right-front, splits open into multiple fragments).

But, unless I'm wrong about the chronology of our discussions, one of our latest exchanges (the one linked below from May 7, 2007) has me saying:

"But as of this moment, it's my belief that a large-sized BOH wound (i.e., a big HOLE) did not exist at all in the back of JFK's head." -- DVP; 05/07/07

And just a few days prior to that (on April 23rd), I said this in a post directed at John Canal:

"There was simply no logical reason, IMO, for the Bethesda doctors to want to HIDE or mask info re. JFK's wounds (BOH or otherwise), especially in light of the fact that the autopsy report that all three of the doctors will be affixing their signatures to will be declaring in bright, bold, unambiguous-as-can-be letters that President Kennedy was struck by ONLY TWO BULLETS THAT BOTH CAME FROM ABOVE AND BEHIND THE LEVEL OF THE DECEASED. There is/was NO REASON for the Bethesda doctors to hide the existence of even a larger "BOH" wound given the above "Only From Behind" autopsy conclusions." -- DVP; 04/23/07

But my November 9th [2007] post wasn't talking about a scenario which has Kennedy being shot from BEHIND ONLY. If I wasn't clear enough, I apologize. But I specifically started that November 9 post with these words:

"I wonder if anybody has yet figured out a way for a high-speed bullet entering John Kennedy's head from the RIGHT-FRONT (i.e., Grassy Knoll), per many/most CTer beliefs, to leave behind a huge gaping hole in the FAR-RIGHT-REAR of JFK's head, and yet have this Magical Missile (somehow!) LEAVE THE SCALP IN THE BACK OF KENNEDY'S HEAD COMPLETELY INTACT AND UNDAMAGED IN ANY WAY WHATSOEVER." -- DVP; 11/09/07

David Von Pein
November 2007