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You can't really discuss the JFK Assassination without discussing the role of the media and academia in the cover up of the assassination of John Kennedy. A perfect example of that is the Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas which promotes the Big Lie as they protect the murderers and conspirators of John Kennedy.

Currently Nicola Longford and Gary Mack are the ones who are using the Sixth Floor Museum as a propaganda tool to promote the Big Lie.


This is undoubtedly another of the hundreds of silly myths started by conspiracy theorists.

I've never been to the Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas, but I'd be willing to bet the farm that there are plenty of displays and exhibits (etc.) within the museum that talk about "conspiracy" and the various conspiracy theories and conspiracy theorists connected to the JFK assassination.

I know that the Sixth Floor Museum rotates its visual displays and exhibits that visitors can see there, and it's highly likely that "conspiracy" works its way into some of those exhibits and displays throughout the museum.

I'm just wondering if many of the conspiracy theorists who continually love to ramble on and on about how "one-sided" and biased the Sixth Floor Museum is have ever even been there to see the displays and exhibits?

My guess is that a whole lot of those whining CTers have not been there at all. And even if they have, they probably have no idea what type of exhibits are being rotated in and out by the Museum's staff.*

* Yes, I know I just said that I myself have never been to the Museum either, which is true. So I'll admit that what I just said about the conspiracy theorists never having been there (and, hence, having no idea at all as to the content of the exhibits that are available at the Museum from day to day and week to week) is nothing but sheer guesswork and speculation on my part, and I want to identify it as such before going any further.

And in addition to the physical museum itself at 411 Elm Street in Dealey Plaza, the Sixth Floor Museum also runs this Internet website -- http://jfk.org -- which includes multiple "Oral History" interviews that definitely contain comments that lean toward "conspiracy", such as the interviews with Bill and Gayle Newman and Gordon Arnold.


I also always get a big kick out of the whining conspiracy theorists who take great pleasure in calling Sixth Floor Museum curator Gary Mack just about every derogatory name this side of Hitler and Charles Manson.

It's utterly ridiculous, particularly the way "Black Op Radio" host Len Osanic tears down Mr. Mack on almost a weekly basis on his Thursday-night Internet radio program. Truly despicable behavior, especially due to the fact that Gary Mack is not really a so-called "Lone Nutter" at all. He's more of a "Fence Rider".

Gary M. certainly believes Lee Oswald was a gunman firing his Carcano at JFK from the sixth floor of the TSBD, that's true enough. (But, given the undeniable evidence of Oswald's guilt--what else COULD a reasonable person like Gary Mack believe when it comes to the topic of "Lee Harvey Oswald" and his participation in the crime on Elm Street?)

But Mack, as far as I am aware, has not discounted ALL notions of a possible conspiracy in the case either. And why some (or most) of the Internet conspiracy whiners seem to think Mr. Mack is "All LNer" is a mystery to me.

I guess perhaps we can chalk that one up as Conspiracy Myth #2,119.


There is a teeny tiny ghetto for conspiracy theory [at The Sixth Floor Museum At Dealey Plaza]...And attention and weight and credence is given to the...HSCA report [which is a U.S. Government Committee that endorsed a CONSPIRACY in the assassination of President Kennedy].


Thanks, Robert, for confirming what I always thought to be true:

"Conspiracy" is a part of the Sixth Floor Museum's world.

Thank you.


They have this radio report playing OVER and OVER again: "3 shots fired in Dallas", "3 shots fired in Dallas", or something like that.


Well, it would be a little difficult to find any of the first bulletins that DIDN'T say "Three shots were fired" -- because every one of those initial radio and television reports said that 3 shots were fired.

In fact, I always encourage people to listen to (or watch) the first-day radio and TV coverage -- because when you perform that task, you will be saying to yourself (as I always do):

Where in the heck do the conspiracy bozos like Oliver Stone get the crazy idea that SIX SHOTS were fired from THREE DIFFERENT LOCATIONS in Dealey Plaza?! That's nuts! And this original, as-it's-happening 11/22/63 footage that I've been watching proves that those conspiracy-happy bozos are nuts!

Everybody should try it. It works wonders for curing the "Oliver Stone Triangulation Of Crossfire Disease" that many people currently are afflicted with:

David Von Pein
August 5-6, 2010