(PART 1199)


I don't believe he [Lee Harvey Oswald] ever owned one [a revolver]. I believe it was planted 100% on him in the theater. I know Duke and Greg are in disagreement over which Police Officer or Detective "planted" the gun. Greg thinks it was Nick McDonald. Duke thinks it was Gerald Hill.


Good lord! What a load of crap this is.

There are actually conspiracy theorists who think Oswald DIDN'T OWN A REVOLVER?? Even with Commission Exhibit No. 790 available for everybody to see (which, of course, has Oswald's writing all over it)? Was his handwriting supposedly "planted" on this order form too?:

Plus: To believe that the gun was "planted" on Oswald in the Texas Theater, you've got no choice but to call civilian witness Johnny Brewer a liar. Brewer saw Oswald pull out a gun and attempt to shoot policemen with it.

Is Brewer lying here?:

And a whole bunch of different police officers would have to go into the "liars" pool too, who each testified that Oswald pulled out a gun and grappled with the police as he tried to shoot cops with that gun.

Are Nick McDonald and Paul Bentley telling one lie after another here too?:

Is there any end to the number of people that conspiracists are willing to call liars and cover-up agents? Or is the sky truly the limit?

David Von Pein
August 2, 2010