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In his testimony, Robert Frazier testified that he observed that the inside of the barrel of the Depository rifle was "roughened from corrosion", then connected the "corrosion" to rust with his comment that "if a barrel is allowed to rust, one round will remove that rust."

So how could the barrel have surface rust after THREE rounds had been fired through it?


And yet the Warren Commission and the HSCA had no problem at all coming to the conclusion that Oswald's rifle WAS the assassination weapon.

Let me guess -- All of those people who worked for the WC and HSCA were just a bunch of liars too....right, "M"?


Tell me, how exactly did they come to such conclusion? Based on what irrefutable evidence?


Bullet fragments from OSWALD'S RIFLE were found in Kennedy's car. And bullet shells from OSWALD'S RIFLE were found beneath the very same window from where an assassin was firing a rifle at the President.

Given that kind of physical evidence (plus Bullet CE399, which I didn't even mention above), what were the Warren boys and the HSCA people supposed to think?

In light of such powerful evidence that indicated that Oswald's C2766 Carcano was being fired at President Kennedy on November 22, 1963, should the Warren Commission and the House Select Committee on Assassinations have said this in their final reports to the American people?:

The Commission/Committee has concluded that even though there appears to be ironclad proof that Lee Oswald's Carcano weapon was being used to shoot at JFK in Dealey Plaza, we have decided that the evidence that goes in that direction (e.g., CE399, CE567, CE569, and all three bullet shells found on the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository Building) were very likely planted in those THREE different locations (the TSBD, the limousine, and Parkland Memorial Hospital) by a group of unknown conspirators who wanted to frame Lee Harvey Oswald for JFK's murder.

Is that the kind of conjecture we should have seen in the Warren Report and the HSCA Report?



You profess so much trust in the members of the Dallas Police Dept., and believe they were all honest and unbiased individuals, based on what? Their word alone?


Based on their word, yes. And also based on the idea that (IMO) the Dallas Police Department would have had no reason to want to go around falsifying (or planting) evidence in the aftermath of the assassination of the U.S. President.

And, particularly, based on the Tippit murder. That's one murder (which involved the killing of one of their own officers!) in which the DPD would certainly have had every motive for wanting to capture the REAL CULPRIT (and not just a token "patsy" that they would have to frame, while allowing the real killer(s) of their own officer to get away unpunished).

The idea that the DPD would have been involved (in even the smallest way) in framing an INNOCENT Lee Oswald for the murder of Officer Tippit is a notion too outrageous (and too stupid) to even begin to consider.


The fact of the matter is that the Dallas police falsified evidence against Oswald, the FBI lied in their reports and the Warren Commission had pre-determined Oswald's guilt from the very beginning, the manipulation and changing of witnesses' testimony by the WC's counsel members.


Not a single thing "M" just uttered is true, nor is it worthy of belief. And "M" cannot come within a country mile (or 5 country miles) of even beginning to prove that anything he/she just said is anything close to the truth.

But maybe "M" can help me understand the mindset of the Dallas Police force in November 1963:

Please tell us WHY the DPD (from Curry and Fritz on down the line) would have wanted to engage in a charade of framing Lee Harvey Oswald for the murder of J.D. Tippit?

Did they "frame" LHO because the "Feds" (i.e., Hoover) ordered them to do it? Or what was the exact reason that Curry's department decided to let Tippit's real killer go free while utilizing Oswald as resident patsy?

(Give it a shot, "M". After all, everybody loves a good hunk of fiction.)

David Von Pein
January 10, 2014