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What is the proof Oswald ever picked up the rifle?

Who is the witness who gave him the long box?

Where are the regulation documents which should be in the record for shipment of a weapon over state lines?

Where is the USPS card which authorized someone named Hidell to pick up merchandise at a box in someone else’s name?

If all of this is lacking, and it seems to be so, then Oswald picking up the rifle is a WC factoid. There is no real evidence, let alone proof, he did so.

Where is the proof the FBI was at REA [Railway Express Agency] the day of the murder to certify that Oswald picked up the handgun? Would that not have to be a necessity if the FBI was at DPD HQ? Which they were.


LOL. Jim D. thinks the FBI would need to go to REA to confirm that Oswald took possession of Smith & Wesson revolver #V510210, even though Oswald had that gun IN HIS HAND just 35 minutes after Tippit was shot with it.

But DiEugenio is much more concerned about Oswald picking up that gun eight months earlier (as if that matters a whit).

In other words, let’s just ignore the fact Oswald was waving around the Tippit murder weapon in the theater (trying to kill more cops with it), and instead concentrate on how LHO took possession of it back in March. After all, chaff always trumps wheat in Jimbo’s world.

It’s hilarious to watch the lengths the CTers will travel to pretend Oswald was innocent of the Tippit murder too.



Let’s look at the situation you describe from an evidentiary standpoint.

At trial, you try to tie the revolver Oswald allegedly ordered to the Tippit murder weapon. You fail, because the chain of custody is lacking, and because the bullets in Tippet’s body cannot be matched to the pistol allegedly recovered from Oswald.

Please, to convince all here, without emotion or hyperbole, lay out the chain of custody from Seaport Traders to Oswald. Document each step. Then, please, address the bullets recovered from Tippit’s body and whether they were matched to the revolver Oswald allegedly had.


Why on Earth do you think a “chain of custody” is needed from Seaport Traders to Oswald? Such a chain is not needed in the slightest way to prove Oswald killed Tippit.


Because Oswald had the Tippit murder weapon ON HIM when he was arrested in the theater. (Do you think somebody ELSE killed Tippit with Revolver V510210 and then gave that gun to Oswald in the next 35 minutes?)

What difference does it make HOW and WHEN Oswald came into possession of the Smith & Wesson revolver (V510210) prior to the 22nd of November? The critical issue is: he DID have it in his hands at 1:50 PM CST on November 22nd. That is a proven fact.

In short — Given the evidence in the Tippit case (including the various eyewitnesses), it is virtually impossible for Lee Harvey Oswald to have been innocent of shooting Dallas Patrolman J.D. Tippit on 11/22/63.


These DVP/DiEugenio debates are my favorite blogs.


Thanks, Michael. I know I'm bound to be a bit prejudiced toward my own sites/blogs, but I too enjoy re-reading those battles with Jimbo every now and again. I always end up feeling refreshed after swatting down JD's delusions.


I always get a kick out of the kooks like DiEugenio who seem to think that Mr. McAdams somehow "controls" everything I write on the Internet.

In truth, I've never met John McAdams in my life. And I don't have very much interaction with him on the Internet either, for that matter. And I've never met Dave Reitzes either. But DiEugenio and other nuts like him seem to think we are all "linked in" to some kind of "network", and that we have secret meetings to decide who's going to pick up the baton today to bash the CTers online. (Hilarious.)

I love reading that type of paranoid crap from CTers, though. It makes me smile, because it only further illustrates how WRONG the conspiracy theorists can be about something. And DiEugenio's nearly batting 1.000 too. He's wrong about everything, as we can see here.


There's nothing like dropping common sense grenades around the room.


Lol. That's hilarious. Debating the paper trail of the Carcano is one thing, but to be so concerned with how he got his pistol is astounding, given that it was found in his very own hands [lol].

So sad and funny how CTers can try and argue something right out of LHO's very own fingertips.


DVP, who can be surprised? That's DiEugenio in a nutshell. And I bet the reason for questioning the chain of papers regarding Oswald's gun and simply ignoring that he carried it when he was arrested, is that he thinks it was planted on Oswald by the DPD at the theater.

Ever since DiEugenio claimed that "there's more evidence of a conspiracy than there is about the Holocaust", I'm having terrible difficulties in taking anything he says seriously.


Oh yeah, Glenn. Jimbo thinks the gun was planted on Oswald by the cops. IOW--the police were satisfied with blaming an INNOCENT Oswald and just letting the real murderer of their fellow officer get off scot-free.


I must say the more and more I hear these nutty ideas, it only solidifies my belief Oswald acted alone.

How can anyone take ANYTHING these guys say seriously?


David, you guys need to hear what I believe happened....

I was told by an anonymous poster (who I believe was a retired Dallas cop) that two Dallas policemen killed JFK. One of the officers tricked Oswald into bringing in his rifle, which he used to fire at the JFK limo. The other killed JFK by firing from the North knoll. Oswald killed Tippit when he thought Tippit was in league with the cop who tricked him. And also, Oswald thought Tippit was about to kill him.

You may not believe the story, but it fits the evidence. I cannot disprove it and have only found evidence that supports it.


But, Charles, you will also have to agree that another scenario that "fits the evidence" is the scenario that has Lee Harvey Oswald, by himself and with no outside assistance which would require the intervention of any conspiracy whatsoever, killing JFK and Officer Tippit. Correct?

In short, no conspiracy at all was required in order for Oswald to have done the things the evidence says he did perform on 11/22/63.

And, btw, Charles, your scenario laid out in your last post above does not "fit the evidence" at all with respect to this quote of yours: "The other killed JFK by firing from the North knoll."

That conclusion, in fact, is totally at odds with what the evidence shows with respect to JFK's head wounds. The evidence (e.g., the autopsy report and the autopsy photos and X-rays) conclusively proves that the fatal head shot came from BEHIND the President, not from "the North knoll".


Dr. Kemp Clark signed JFK's death certificate and testified:

"I then examined the wound in the back of the President's head. This was a large, gaping wound in the right posterior part, with cerebral and cerebellar tissue being damaged and exposed."

David, can you show me the autopsy photo that shows this large opening in the back of the head?


There is no such photo, Charles. You know that. Everybody knows that. Such a "large, gaping wound in the right posterior part" of President Kennedy's head never existed, even though Dr. Kemp Clark did use those words in his Warren Commission testimony (at 6 H 20) to describe where he thought the wound was located.

But the autopsy examination and the photos and X-rays of the deceased President prove that Dr. Clark and many other witnesses were wrong with respect to the location of JFK's large head wound.

Simply put, the photos and X-rays trump any witness who said there was a large gaping HOLE in the back of JFK's head.

You, Charles, don't trust the photos (or the HSCA's Photographic Panel which said those pictures had not been altered). I, however, have no reason to think the HSCA's Photo Panel was lying through its collective teeth when it said this on Page 41 of HSCA Volume 7 --- "The evidence indicates that the autopsy photographs and X-rays were taken of President Kennedy at the time of his autopsy and that they had not been altered in any manner."

David Von Pein
May 3, 2014—August 31, 2016