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At least I can still look at things in an unbiased way. I may get a lot of things wrong, but I will have done it without the aid of a panel of sycophants, as were the W.C.


And where will you be at the end of the day?

Answer -- You'll be flooded with the same "Oswald Did It" evidence, which is evidence that can't possibly ALL be faked, right? (Even you, a CTer, must admit that the likelihood of ALL of the LHO-incriminating evidence being fake/planted/forged/manufactured is microscopically low, right?)

And there hasn't been a single CTer on the planet (to date) who has proved that even ONE PIECE of the evidence connecting Lee Harvey Oswald to his two murders is fraudulent.

You suspect it's fake. But a CTer's suspicions aren't proof. In fact, most of their suspicions are downright silly (when placed right next to some ordinary "common sense"). CE399 being a prime example. Nobody has explained the logic of anyone wanting to plant a bullet in the hospital PRIOR TO 2:00 PM CST ON NOV. 22, when at that time Connally was still in surgery!

More CTers need to read Jean Davison's book. It should be required reading at the Jim Garrison School Of Conspiracy Nuts.


Todd's initials are not present on CE-399.


This is a lie.

FBI Agent Elmer Todd's initials are most certainly on Commission Exhibit No. 399.

How do we know? Todd identified his initials on the bullet on 6/24/64 [via CE2011].

Let me guess: You, Robert Harris, think Elmer Todd was a rotten liar. Right?

Anyway, John Hunt just simply couldn't see Todd's initials on the bullet. In fact, I have a very difficult time seeing ANY of the initials on the bullet (Frazier's, Cunningham's, or Killion's).

It's not unreasonable to think that Todd's initials are somewhere on that bullet, but are so faint they cannot be seen in photographs.

Can anybody make out ANY specific initials in these photos? I sure can't:

But it really doesn't matter if Todd's initials are on CE399 or not (although they definitely are on that bullet someplace), because there's no need for everybody to officially put their mark on a particular piece of evidence to establish a reasonable chain of possession at a court trial.

After all, nobody expects to see Darrell C. Tomlinson's or O.P. Wright's initials on the bullet--and they STARTED the "chain" of possession.

The chain of possession would easily be established for CE399 even if NOBODY had initialed that bullet. Each person who handled the bullet would have testified at Oswald's trial (had there been one) that they received a whole bullet from the previous person in the "chain".

Mark VII.

David Von Pein
May 18, 2010