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I think it is very likely that Oswald, or whomever you think took the shots on the 6th floor, was on the West side of the 6th floor with the rifle while Williams was eating his lunch. There was quite a few places to hide and avoid Williams' detection, so I believe when he says nobody else was up there with him, that is what he believes, but it certainly does not mean for a fact nobody else was on the 6th floor.


You could possibly be correct about Oswald hiding somewhere on the west side of the sixth floor as Bonnie Ray Williams was eating his lunch. I favor the likelihood that Oswald was probably hiding in the Sniper's Nest on the east side of the building during the few minutes Williams was up there eating his lunch, but it's certainly possible that LHO could have secreted himself elsewhere. There were boxes stacked all over the sixth floor.


Upon him [Williams] leaving, the shooter might have realized the East window would be a better shot, or perhaps the sniper's nest was already completed and they simply returned to it after Williams leaves.


I've speculated about a similar scenario myself....

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"11:55 AM-12:05 PM (estimated) -- Oswald has the whole sixth floor to himself. This is just prior to Bonnie Ray Williams coming back up to the 6th Floor to eat his lunch. It's my belief that Lee Oswald, during this (approx.) 10-minute time period around noon or shortly after, probably went to the west end of the sixth floor (where he had his rifle hidden in the brown bag).

Oswald unwraps the rifle at the west end of the sixth floor and assembles the rifle at the west end (hence, Arnold Rowland sees a white man with a rifle at the west end of the building at approx. this time, maybe a little later, 12:15 or so, but keep in mind the approximation of all times).

It's quite possible, IMO, that Oswald initially was considering using the WEST-end window as his shooting window. But, for one reason or another, he decided that a window on the EAST end of the sixth floor would better serve his purposes.

Perhaps he was mentally factoring in the angles and trajectories in his head, and possibly realized that an east-end perch would be a better one, especially since the Secret Service agents would all have their backs to him when he began firing, if he decided to wait until after the cars had turned the Elm/Houston corner....which, IMO, Oswald definitely had in his mind to do, due to the pre-arranged way the rifle-rest boxes were constructed (i.e., in a "Rifle Always Pointing West/Southwest" manner).

It's also possible that, as Oswald mulled over potential shooting locations, he realized that a goodly number of boxes were already down on the east end of the 6th Floor, which would make constructing a makeshift "Nest" all the easier for him.

Now, I cannot fully explain why Oswald wanted to take the empty paper bag WITH HIM to the east end from the west end via this scenario I'm laying out here....but I've got to assume (naturally) that he DID do just that after assembling the rifle on the west end.

Perhaps--just perhaps--Oswald had it in his mind that he would be able to re-insert the weapon back into that bag and, just maybe, get the incriminating rifle out of the building the same way he smuggled it in--in the brown paper package that supposedly contained those never-found "curtain rods".

Yes, that last part is fairly weak...I'll admit that. I don't much like that idea either. For, Oswald would surely have known that he wouldn't have the time (or want to take time) to dismantle the rifle AFTER shooting at the President.

But, then too, who can know what crazy thoughts might be swimming through the head of a person who is contemplating murdering a U.S. President from his very own place of employment? That's a difficult type of mind to thoroughly probe and to figure out indeed."
-- DVP; April 2007

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As for [Harold] Norman's testimony, I don't find it unlikely that he could hear the shells. The floors and ceilings were not built like they would be in an office building. They were a single layer of wood, that you could visibly see through in spots. It is not beyond the realm that you could easily hear sounds such as shells being dropped on the single layer of wood above your head. It is certainly probable and I would say likely that you would hear a significant report from a rifle fired above you.


There's also the fact that the Warren Commission conducted four separate "Shell Dropping" tests throughout the year 1964 (on March 20, May 9, June 7, and September 6). The last three of those tests were done with various members of the Warren Commission present each time. Here's what the Commissioners heard....

"All seven of the Commissioners clearly heard the shells drop to the floor." -- Warren Report; Page 71

David Von Pein
June 30, 2015