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The image [below] was found by Jean Davison.

It shows that, on 11/22/63, J.C. Day told an FBI agent that he "had been successful in raising a latent print" which he was going to "both photograph and raise."

Apparently the Dallas FBI office failed to tell the people in Washington about this.

This appears to be the palm print that conspiracists have claimed never existed until the rifle was pressed into Oswald's dead hand on Monday.


Thanks for posting that document for me, John. Using some of the words in it as search terms, I've found a shorter version on the Mary Ferrell site.

Like the first document, it says that on 11/22 Day had found (raised) a latent print and that he planned to "photograph and lift" it. The only print Day "lifted" (with a piece of tape) was the palm print.


Thanks, Jean and John.

It seems as though every time Jean Davison opens her mouth, another conspiracy theory or myth goes sliding down the tubes (where each one belongs anyway). I continue to be in awe of Jean Davison--year after year. Thank you, Jean.

The key item in that memo regarding Lieutenant Day finding the latent print on the rifle is the DATE of the memorandum -- 11/23/63 -- which is a day when Oswald was still alive and well in Dallas Police custody.

And the memorandum also states that "Lt. Carl Day...advised on 11/22/63" .... which tells us that Lt. Day did, in fact, find the print on the rifle ON THE DAY OF THE ASSASSINATION ITSELF -- which (obviously) had to have been PRIOR to the Dallas Police Department turning over the rifle to the FBI at about 11:45 PM CST on the night of November 22nd.

I love it when "new" information like this surfaces. This memo totally destroys the theory that Lieutenant J.C. Day of the DPD did not find any prints on Oswald's Mannlicher-Carcano rifle PRIOR to the rifle going to the FBI on the night of 11/22/63.

Or maybe some conspiracists will now contend that this memorandum is a "fake" too.

David Von Pein
November 30, 2013