(PART 943)


My suggestion would be that you show us something from your vast knowledge that you think we do not know.


Heck, you CTers can't even figure out the super-easy stuff, like:

Oswald shot Tippit.
Oswald shot Kennedy.
Oswald shot at Walker.
Oswald told many provable lies after his arrest.

Is that enough "new" stuff for you today, Ian?

You don't believe a single one of those four things, do you Ian? If you believe in even ONE of the four, I'll faint from the massive shock.


So, there were three Magic Bullets then!


The CTers of the world are the only people with any bullets with any "magic" in them.

In fact, the conspiracy nuts have at least FOUR magic bullets when you think about it for two seconds:

1.) The bullet that conspiracists think entered JFK's upper back but never exited.

2.) The bullet that conspiracists think entered JFK's throat but never exited.

3.) The bullet that hit John Connally but was never entered into the official record.

4.) The bullet that hit JFK in the head from the front, with every single portion of this bullet also vanishing, leaving behind (incredibly) portions of a bullet FROM OSWALD'S RIFLE in the front seat (CE567 and CE569).

And, if you feel like crawling into bed with a nut named Fetzer--you can add at least two more "magic bullets" to the above list:

5.) The SECOND bullet that Fetzer says hit Connally and disappeared.

6.) The SECOND bullet that hit JFK in the head, leaving behind, incredibly, only Oswald-incriminating fragments in the front seat from Mannlicher-Carcano [MC] Rifle #C2766 (which is a gun Fetzer insists could not possibly have been involved in the assassination at all, because Fetzer--being the mega-kook he is--likes to pretend that Oswald's Carcano rifle was too "low powered" to cause the damage to Kennedy's head that was done to his head).

This is despite, of course, the various MC tests that have been performed by the Warren Commission [at Edgewood Arsensal by Dr. Olivier] and tests by Dr. John K. Lattimer in the 1970s, which all prove that Oswald's MC rifle could easily create the type of skull damage that was done to JFK's cranium on November 22nd, 1963.

Now, what were you saying about "magic" missiles?

David Von Pein
April 27, 2010