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One thing is almost for certain—the bullet that hit Connally did not hit JFK. .... The weight of the evidence...is the throat wound was one of entrance.


Right. A bullet entered JFK's throat and just disappeared. A magic bullet if ever there was one.



And not only did the JFK throat bullet completely vanish off the planet (according to the conspiracy theorists), but the bullet that entered President Kennedy's upper back ALSO completely disappeared right after the shooting too.

Plus -- To make CT matters even worse (and infinitely more laughable), since the conspiracy theorists don't believe for even one second that Stretcher Bullet CE399 touched either JFK or Governor Connally on 11/22/63, the CTers have yet ANOTHER disappearing bullet in this case -- the bullet that hit Connally.

Plus -- To make this topic soar off the radar screen in terms of "Magic Disappearing Bullets" (and "Conspiracy Kook Hilarity and Conjecture"), some conspiracy nuts—like James H. Fetzer, to name just one—have actually increased their number of vanishing missiles to FOUR, or maybe even FIVE.

How so?

Because some conspiracy kooks (like Fetzer) actually think Governor Connally was struck by more than one bullet in Dealey Plaza. And, naturally, since those same kooks don't believe for a second that Commission Exhibit 399 touched any human victim on November 22nd, this would mean that every bullet that was inside the body of John B. Connally somehow miraculously disappeared off the globe before any of those missiles could get placed into the official record of this case.

And this current "Missing Bullets" inventory I'm talking about here doesn't even take into account any of the JFK head-shot bullets (or bullet fragments) that Fetzer and other assorted conspiracy-happy clowns probably also think disappeared at the hands of conspirators and cover-up operatives right after the assassination.

The fantasy-prone Professor Fetzer, by the way, thinks JFK was hit in the head by two separate bullets, thus increasing Fetzer's total number of shots fired to at least six, and probably even more than that when any missed shots are added in.

It's interesting (and hilarious) to hear kooks like Fetzer and James DiEugenio, et al, talk about the PHYSICAL EVIDENCE portions of the JFK and J.D. Tippit murder cases. They perform their "Anybody But Oswald" act much better when they stay about a thousand miles away from that pesky physical evidence.

Because once the conspiracy kooks start talking about the PHYSICAL aspects of the case, including any of their imaginative and unsupportable scenarios about the number of bullets that hit the victims and where those bullets entered the bodies of Kennedy and Connally, then the Anybody-But-Oswald conspiracy promoters begin to look downright silly—and very, very desperate in their zeal to exonerate a double-murderer named Lee Harvey Oswald. Even sillier than they already were, that is.

And this "downright silly" point about the bullet evidence is something I wish author Vincent Bugliosi had stressed even more in his book "Reclaiming History"—and especially during the various radio and television interviews that Vince did in 2007.

During his radio and TV spots, whenever Bugliosi would talk about the "WHERE DID THE BULLET GO?" aspect of the Single-Bullet Theory, Vince would always present just one of the anti-SBT theories that have been suggested by conspiracists over the years, with that being the one that the FEWEST conspiracy theorists (by far) actually believe in — i.e.:

The anti-SBT theory that Dr. Cyril Wecht promotes as the truth, which is a theory that has a single bullet going through JFK's upper back and neck—without deviating from its original course at all, per Wecht. Then the bullet that exited Kennedy's throat somehow manages to completely miss the person sitting in front of JFK (Governor Connally), and that bullet, according to Dr. Wecht, doesn't hit any part of the limousine or any other person in the limousine. The bullet, after leaving Kennedy's neck, somehow manages to disappear completely, leaving no trace of its existence.

Wecht, at the 1986 TV docu-trial ("On Trial: Lee Harvey Oswald"), said that the bullet could have easily missed everyone in the car and missed hitting the car itself after exiting JFK. But the diagram he used to demonstrate that theory is a diagram that shows the lateral (right-to-left) trajectory of the bullet to be much too great of an angle. [See the video below.]

And that's because Wecht has conveniently moved the location of the Depository gunman to a point much further WEST than the killer actually was. Plus, Wecht also conveniently moved the shooter down to a lower floor of the Depository, instead of keeping the gunman on the floor where every reasonable person knows he was located—which was the sixth floor.

But Vince Bugliosi, in my opinion, would have made an ever better "Where Did The Bullet(s) Go?" point if he would have also mentioned in his radio interviews the theory that most conspiracy believers seem to actually accept—the theory that has TWO separate bullets entering John Kennedy's body—one in the upper back and another one in the throat—with neither of these bullets exiting his body. Hence, that theory must include TWO MAGIC, DISAPPEARING BULLETS.

And then, as I mentioned earlier, Vince (during his radio/TV interviews and personal speaking appearances in 2007) could have also added at least one Connally bullet to the absurd mix of vanishing projectiles that conspiracists have created for themselves, for a minimum total of THREE magic bullets that all performed a disappearing act on November 22, 1963.

When the chance presents itself to ridicule the absurd and literally impossible things that a large number of conspiracy theorists place their faith in, then I say it makes sense to take advantage of such a golden opportunity to demonstrate the illogic of the CTers' beliefs—such as the TRIPLE craziness of having as many as THREE bullets (and maybe even more!) entering the bodies of two men (with ZERO of those three bullets EXITING either of the victims, keep in mind!) and then having all of these bullets going AWOL right after the assassination.

Such silliness would be more at home on "Ripley's Believe It Or Not".

David Von Pein
April 22, 2010