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Ben [Holmes],

What can I say to a person like you who is incapable of evaluating things properly (and without "isolating")?

I didn't START by assuming Oswald was guilty. Oswald made himself guilty. I had nothing to do with it.

Should I just IGNORE those shells from Oswald's rifle?

Should I just ignore the two bullet fragments from OSWALD'S rifle found in the limousine itself!?

Should I just ignore LHO's lies he told to the police about the rifle (plus his "They've taken me in because I lived in the Soviet Union" lie too)?

Should I just ignore the fact he shot Tippit?

Should I just ignore the lie he told Buell Frazier regarding the "curtain rods"? Etc., etc.

It's that sum total that hangs Oswald, not each individual leaf on the tree.

Is it really possible that Ben Holmes doesn't understand this? Somebody pinch me. For I fear I've entered the Twilight Holmes Zone!


Well David, it seems you are actually ignoring fragments, three to be exact since there were 5 fragments found in the limo. I'm sure you already knew that. Are the 3 other fragments found a bit too inconvenient for you?


Not at all. Those fragments came out of President Kennedy's head after Oswald's bullet struck the back of JFK's cranium, killing him.

But what is very inconvenient for the conspiracy theorists of the world is the fact that the only bullets and fragments in the whole case that were big enough to compare to test bullets were conclusively proven to have come out of Oswald's rifle. (And yes, Oswald definitely did own Rifle C2766. Any attempts to deny that fact only make the conspiracy crowd look more desperate than usual. But apparently it's "in vogue" now to say that Oswald never ordered the rifle, never paid for it, and never even touched it at all. Silliness amongst CTers seems to have sprung anew in the last few years on that score.)

Were all the big fragments from all those extra bullets that struck JFK and Connally conveniently deep-sixed by various plotters after the shooting? Or did the real assassins who pelted the victims from many angles just get lucky when ALL of their bullets and fragments vanished on their own or fragmented so badly (CE840) that nobody can say exactly what gun fired them?

Once again, conspiracy believers will isolate everything, without ever putting the individual pieces back together to form a cohesive "whole".

ALL fragments and bullets large enough to be positively linked to a particular gun ALL lead straight into Oswald's Carcano; but the CTers would rather isolate the tiny fragments in the limo and the tiny fragments in Kennedy's brain and the tiny fragments in John Connally's body, so that they (the CTers) can pretend other guns fired the shots that produced those very small fragments. Right, Mar?

But such tiny fragments existing in the places where they were found in this case (the limo, inside Connally's wrist and thigh, and in JFK's head) are just exactly what I would expect to find in a scenario which has Lee Harvey Oswald firing all of the bullets that hit both victims.

Also see:

Re: Oswald's "They've taken me in because of the fact I lived in the Soviet Union" statement....

Are you telling me, Mar, that you've never heard Oswald utter those exact words before? You must be kidding. It's part of Lee Oswald's famous "I'm just a patsy" statement. And he said it on live TV, so we don't have to rely on any DPD notes or testimony. We've got the videotape to prove for all time that Oswald was a blatant liar. Here it is:


Oh Davy,


You're accusing CTs of what you do all day long blindfolded... and clutching at straws 10 ways 'till Sunday attempting to prove Oswald was guilty. If it's such an open and shut case why did Bugliosi need 2,600 pages (including the CD) to prove his point?

If he's the lone assassin why are documents still classified?


Bugliosi needed 2800+ pages mainly because of the CTers of the world. (What else?) (Duh.)

And there is nothing "still classified" that will prove a darn thing in the JFK case. That's just CTer wishful thinking (and "clutching at straws").

What records are still sealed?.....

David Von Pein
June 23, 2014
June 26, 2014