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A "YouTuber" SAID:

Mr. Von Pein, I don't see how you can disagree with Mr. [S.M. "Skinny"] Holland's interview [with Mark Lane in Lane's 1967 film "Rush To Judgment"]. He is more than a credible witness. There is no doubt that Kennedy was shot in the head from behind that picket fence and the Warren Commission, the FBI, top military brass and the Dallas police covered it up.


There is no possibility of JFK being hit in the head from the Grassy Knoll. There was one and only one entry wound in JFK's head, and it was in the BACK of his head without doubt....and it was a bevelled-in, cratered entry hole for Oswald's bullet from the TSBD.

That entry wound is irrefutable physical evidence that Kennedy was hit in the head from the rear...and no amount of arguing will change that fact. Here's the wound:

The autopsy photograph above was declared by the HSCA to be unaltered in any way.

So, conspiracy theorists who think President Kennedy was killed by a shot from the front are forced to believe that all three autopsy surgeons PLUS the Warren Commission PLUS the HSCA's Photographic Panel PLUS the members of the Clark Panel and the Rockefeller Commission were ALL in on a cover-up to hide the truth about JFK's head wounds. And that, frankly, is just silly.

Sorry, but Skinny Holland's observations don't come close to discrediting the evidence I just mentioned above.

David Von Pein
October 5, 2009