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He [Lee Harvey Oswald] gave his *OWN* weight as 140... and a document from after his death gives his weight as "131," which due to the number given, is almost certainly the most accurate number of all.

David won't address this issue, even though Oswald's *TRUE* weight is clearly the issue, not the autopsy.


No, Oswald's *TRUE* weight is not actually the overriding issue here at all. The overriding issue, as far as the eyewitnesses are concerned, is what those witnesses thought Oswald's weight was when they saw him on 11/22/63.

And the very best evidence for a person whose estimated weight was given as "165 pounds" actually being Lee Harvey Oswald resides in the 11/22/63 affidavit of policeman Marrion L. Baker, who said these exact words in that affidavit (and we know without any doubt that he is talking about Lee Oswald here, because Roy Truly verified that the person Baker stopped at gunpoint in the second-floor lunchroom was Oswald)....

"The man I saw was a white man approximately 30 years old, 5'9", 165 pounds, dark hair and wearing a light brown jacket." -- Marrion L. Baker; 11/22/63

HERE is Baker's affidavit.

Therefore, the real Lee Harvey Oswald, who did not weigh 165 pounds, did appear to weigh 165 pounds to Officer Baker on November 22 in that lunchroom. And the real Oswald also appeared to be "approximately 30 years old" to Baker too, perfectly matching Howard Brennan's estimate of the age of the sixth-floor assassin that he also saw that same day. And Brennan's weight estimate for the sixth-floor assassin also generally matches the incorrect weight estimate provided by Baker.

Plus: Baker thought (incorrectly) that Oswald was wearing a "jacket", when we know the "brown jacket" Baker spoke of was only Oswald's brown shirt (which was open and not tucked in). The "jacket" comment also matches another witness' incorrect assertion about Oswald wearing a jacket--and that witness is William Whaley.

But the conspiracy theorists have nowhere to run with all those mistakes that Officer Baker made about Oswald's description---because there can be no doubt whatsoever that Baker was describing a person who we know (via Roy Truly) was Lee Harvey Oswald.

Ergo, a weight estimate of 165 pounds for Lee Harvey Oswald most certainly does not mean that Baker (or Brennan) had to have seen someone other than Oswald in the Depository on November 22, 1963. And Marrion Baker's official affidavit is the thing that forever proves that fact.


You're lying again, David.


The main point concerning the topic of Oswald's weight is clearly a point that Ben Holmes cannot grasp. And that important point is: The REAL Oswald was said to weigh 165 pounds by a witness who we know saw the REAL Lee Oswald (not some "imposter"). And that witness is Marrion Baker.

Holmes would be much better off just stating that Baker lied his eyes out in his 11/22 affidavit that I posted earlier, wherein Baker claims that the man he stopped in the lunchroom weighed 165 pounds (and was about 30 years old, which is also wrong).

Ben, do you think Baker was lying about the "165 pounds" and "approximately 30 years old" portions of his affidavit, just to conform to Howard Brennan's nearly identical description of the sixth-floor sniper and/or to conform to the Dallas Police Department's 12:45 PM APB radio broadcast concerning the description of the President's assassin?

Because if conspiracy clowns like Ben Holmes think Baker was being totally truthful in that affidavit, then they've got no choice but to admit that a witness who saw the real Lee Harvey Oswald on November 22, 1963, definitely did think he weighed 165 pounds.


No matter what DVP says, I find it difficult to understand how a person weighing 131 pounds could be said to have weighed 165.


So, are you saying Marrion Baker was lying in his affidavit? Because Baker definitely did see Oswald, and Baker definitely did estimate Oswald's weight to be 165.

And Ted Callaway also positively identified Lee Oswald (at a police lineup), and Callaway said this to the Warren Commission about Oswald's weight (varying by only five pounds from Baker's guess about LHO's weight):

MR. CALLAWAY -- "Just a nice athletic type size boy, I mean. Neither fat nor thin."

MR. BALL -- "What did you estimate his weight when you talked to the officer before the lineup?"

MR. CALLAWAY -- "I told him it looked to me like around 160 pounds."

Was Callaway lying too?

And there's also Howard Brennan, who (albeit belatedly) did positively identify Lee Oswald as the sixth-floor assassin. In his 11/22/63 affidavit, Brennan said the sniper in the TSBD window weighed "about 165 to 175 pounds".

But a key word used by Brennan in that same affidavit that is often overlooked by conspiracists is "slender". Brennan said the "165 to 175-pound" person was ALSO "slender". And Oswald was "slender".

David Von Pein
June 13, 2014