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Ferrie took no active part in the assassination. He made a few phone calls to recruit people and connected Oswald with Marcello.


Dave Ferrie would have been thousands of miles from Dallas (in a different country) BEFORE 12:30 ever arrived on 11/22/63 if he had been involved (in ANY way) in a conspiracy plot to murder John F. Kennedy.

Don't you agree, Robert Harris, that the above statement I just made makes a good deal of sense (vs. Ferrie travelling TO Texas to go ice skating six hours after the assassination)?

As for Lee Oswald and "544 Camp St." -- the 544 Camp building was only one block away from a place where Oswald worked in the summer of 1963--the Reily Coffee Company.

Plus: There's not a speck of evidence to show that Oswald ever rented an office at 544 Camp either. He merely stamped the address on some of his FPCC handbills.

The "Ferrie-Marcello" angle was a pure coincidence...yes. Ferrie was working with Attorney Wray Gill on a legal case involving Marcello. Nothing more than that.

Some CTers, however, apparently want to think that Ferrie and Marcello "plotted" JFK's murder together. But I'd like to see Jim DiEugenio (or any other Garrison supporter or any other conspiracy theorist, period) come within 100 miles of PROVING that Ferrie and Marcello (either one) had a single thing to do with JFK's assassination.

Naturally, since Oswald killed Kennedy by himself, nobody on Earth can possibly prove such a thing regarding David Ferrie and Carlos Marcello. All the CTers have is their collective imaginations.


Let's bask in the Pot & Kettle nature of Robert Harris' post (regarding "thugs"):

"When you deal with thugs like this, you believe about 1% of what they tell you, if that." -- Bob Harris; 9/19/09

And then, just seconds later, Bob Harris tells us this:

"Marcello admitted it [plotting JFK's murder], David." -- Bob Harris; 9/19/09

So, it appears that early in the post, Robert Harris doesn't think it's wise at all to believe much of anything that "thugs" like David Ferrie have to say. But a few seconds later we find Mr. Harris ready and eager to believe another "thug" (i.e., a mobster) named Carlos Marcello when Marcello apparently confessed to being part of a plot to assassinate JFK.

I guess Marcello doesn't qualify as a "thug", is that it Robert?

Since Marcello was well ABOVE Ferrie's lowly station and class, Harris wants to BELIEVE Marcello was telling the gospel truth, but he'll throw Ferrie under the bus.

Nice logic, Bob. The way you get to pick and choose which scumbag/crook/plotter/mobster/"thug" should be believed and which one should be fed to the wolves is quite illuminating. (Not to mention hilarious.)


Evidently Bob Harris doesn't think it was unusual at all for David Ferrie (whom Mr. Harris thinks was involved in a conspiracy to murder the President) to travel for many hours by automobile with two of his friends from New Orleans to Houston, Texas, just so Ferrie can use the telephone at some ice-skating rink in Houston (presumably so that Ferrie could make contact with other "conspirators" in Dallas).

Apparently the only telephone available to Ferrie was at Chuck Rolland's ice-skating rink in Houston.

Time for another one of these --->

To repeat the obvious --- If David Ferrie (OR CARLOS MARCELLO) had been part of a plot to kill President Kennedy, both of those "thugs" would have been thousands of miles from Texas (and out of the country) by the time the first shot was even fired in Dallas' Dealey Plaza on 11/22/63.

David Von Pein
September 19, 2009
September 20, 2009