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It is frightening to think you guys [i.e., conspiracy clowns] believe in all this baloney. Frightening.


I'll say it is, Patrick. A few other apt terms to describe the nonsense that is endorsed by many many Internet conspiracy theorists (and some book authors as well) would be....


...and maybe the best term of all (especially with respect to the crazy notion that a band of plotters PRE-ARRANGED a multi-gun, one-patsy assassination)....

Mind-bogglingly unnecessary.


When you control the autopsy and the investigation, there's a good chance that people can be fooled. After all, it seems to have fooled you guys.

And if people question this ridiculous rifle, just hire a couple of experts to testify as to what a good weapon it is, or run some tests with expert marksmen and lie about the results.

And don't forget, the media outlets are in your pocket.


In other words, per Garry Puffer of Riverside.....


Just look at the number of people (aka: liars) who would need to be involved in a cover-up based on just Puffer's last brief post....

...The people "controlling" the autopsy. (Was that just ONE person doing that "controlling"? Or was it way more than that?)

...The people "controlling" the investigation. (God knows how many total people this involves.)

...The "couple of experts" hired to say the C2766 rifle was a decent weapon.

...The "expert marksmen" who were hired to test-fire the rifle and then "lie about the results". (A ridiculous assertion, of course.)

...And, of course, the old stand-by favorite of "having the media in your [LN] pocket". (This farfetched absurdity would involve literally hundreds of different people over the last FIFTY YEARS. Can't be just one or two anchormen.)

So, "THE WORLD VS. THE PATSY" cover-up continues to this day, per the CT mongers.

If only Puffer and Company would BLUSH a little when positing such trash. But they never do. Amazing.


You can tell when the LNers get desperate. They stop trying to defend their "mountain of evidence" and begin to attack and insult.

I actually laughed when I read Patrick's comment about how "frightening" it is that we believe in a conspiracy. Given that four out of five people agree with us, I'm surprised that he hasn't just died of fright by now. It has to be pretty scary when you see most of the people around you as raving lunatics. He must fear for his life every time he steps outside.


Most people, of course, believe that Oswald fired shots at President Kennedy (whether they also believe in a conspiracy or not).

That fact was demonstrated in 2003 by ABC News in its poll of 1,031 Americans. Ergo, the "Internet CTers" are far afield from the ordinary "mainstream" conspiracy theorist....

Poll Question (ABC News):

"Do you think Lee Harvey Oswald was the only gunman in the Kennedy assassination, do you think there was another gunman in addition to Oswald there that day, or do you think Oswald was not involved in the assassination at all?"


ONLY OSWALD ----------- 32%
ANOTHER GUNMAN ------- 51%
NO OPINION ------------- 10%


Most of those same 1,031 people also believe in a conspiracy...

"Do you feel the Kennedy assassination was the work of one man, or was it part of a broader plot?":

One Man -- 22%
Broader Plot -- 70%
No Opinion -- 8%


DVP is not hesitant to lie. Project Mockingbird [sic] indeed involved more than one or two anchormen and literally hundreds of media assets. David can pretend there was no such CIA project, but the facts tell us otherwise. David knows the facts. Pretending he doesn't is a lie.

It shows also that DVP does not actually believe what he's writing. It is never necessary to lie in order to put forth the truth.


I could live with Oswald even being an integral part of a conspiracy. What is objectionable and totally unsupported by any evidence is that he did this ALL BY HIMSELF. This is the ridiculous notion that David keeps trying to defend.

The point is that most people believe there was a conspiracy, not that 4 out of 5 believe Oswald played no part. But David denies a conspiracy and thinks that anyone who believes that LHO was not the only one involved is weak-minded.

For the record, I do not believe that Oswald was totally unaware of something happening that day, but if he was aware that JFK was going to be killed, I rather doubt that he realized he was going to be the one taking full blame. I think his use of the word "patsy" shows knowledge of some sort of plot. It's not a term to be taken lightly.


Garry can somehow muster the courage to utter this statement...

"What is objectionable and totally unsupported by any evidence is that he did this ALL BY HIMSELF."

...even though ALL of the physical evidence points squarely at Lee H. Oswald.

Garry P. can deny the above fact all he wants, but his denials mean zilch--because the sentence I just wrote above is absolutely 100% true.

(Any signs of crimson in Garry's cheek yet? There should be after his last three posts of utter fantasy.)

In addition, Puffer lied when he said this....

"My last exchange with you, David. Consider all questions rhetorical."
-- Garry Puffer; May 24, 2014 (1:25:46 AM PDT)

To throw Garry's words back in his face that he's always tossing my way -- It shows that Garry does not actually believe what he's writing.

And it's fairly obvious that Puffer thinks the media is STILL covering up the true facts about the JFK murder--50 years after the event took place.

If only he'd turn just a LITTLE red in the face.


David doesn't seem to be clever enough to understand the difference between engaging someone in a discussion and merely making observations ABOUT their comments.


LOL. Good one, Garry. (He's not really "engaging" me, because he speaks of me now as "DVP" or "David" in the body of his posts. Yeah, Garry, that's a BIG difference there.)


The LN Big Lie:

"Even though ALL of the physical evidence points squarely at Lee H. Oswald."

Anyone who writes this need to have their keyboard taken away and no dessert for a month. No phone privileges either.


Let's see if Garry Puffer can provide this audience with just ONE piece of PHYSICAL EVIDENCE that doesn't point to Lee Harvey Oswald in the murders of BOTH John Kennedy and J.D. Tippit.

You're up, Garry. Name one.


The fingerprints found on the boxes in the sniper's nest that remained unidentified.

The virtually round 6.5mm object seen in the AP X-ray.

Barbee Specimen: Found embedded in the roof of a building located at 1615 Stemmons Freeway by William Barbee in 1966. The building, about 1/4 a mile away from the TSBD was in the line of fire from the sixth floor window. It was handed over to the FBI where they determined the bullet to be a .30 calibre full metal jacketed military bullet. This bullet is consistent with that which could be shot from the CIA's silenced M-1 .30 calibre carbine.

Haythorne Specimen: Found in 1967 on top of the Massey building by Rich Haythorne, who was working on the roof of the building. The Massey building was located about 8 blocks away from the TSBD in the 1200 block of Elm Street. The bullet was delivered to the HSCA. The HSCA utilized the services of the Washington, D.C police department, where it was determined that the bullet was a jacketed, soft point .30 calibre bullet weighing 149 grains and was consistent with the .30 calibre ammo produced by Remington-Peters. The 6 groove, right hand twist rifling marks on the bullet indicated that the bullet was not shot from Oswald's Mannlicher-Carcano.

Lester Specimen: A bullet fragment found in Dealey Plaza by Richard Lester in 1974. Its precise location was reported to be 500 yards from the TSBD and 61 paces east of the triple overpass abutment. It was handed over to the FBI, the FBI concluded that the fragment, which consisted of the base portion of a bullet and weighed 52.7 grains, was consistent with the diameter of a 6.5mm bullet. It was also determined that the fragment came from a metal jacketed soft point or hollow point sporting bullet. The rifling characteristics did not match those of a Mannlicher-Carcano.

Dal-Tex Specimen: A rusted shell casing was found on the roof top of the Dal-Tex building in 1977 by an air-conditioning repair man. Conclusive evidence of a second gunman positioned on the building?
People have argued that specimens 1,2 and 3 could have been shot from locations other than Dealey Plaza by a 'careless hunter', however this specimen's case is described as "having crimped edges along the neck suggesting that either the shell had been hand loaded or had been used in conjunction with a sabot, by means of which a smaller calibre slug can be fired from a higher calibre weapon". This shell casing means that the rifle was shot where the shell was expended.

The Zapruder film - which despite current believers belief, has always shown Connally being hit later than JFK, just as James Chaney reported within hours after the murder.

Among the files released by the Assassination Records Review Board (ARRB) between 1994 and 1996 was an FBI evidence envelope (FBI Field Office Dallas 89-43-1A-122). Although the envelope was empty, the cover indicated it had contained a 7.65 mm rifle shell that had been found in Dealey Plaza after the shooting. The envelope is dated 2 December 1963, so the shell was found sometime between 11/22/63 and 12/2/63. Nothing was known about the discovery of this shell until the FBI evidence envelope was released along with other assassination-related files.

Only *one* of these items makes your statement a lie... and I'm quite sure you know most of these.


Now it's Holmes who should be turning six shades of red after posting that pathetically weak list of things he claims proves conspiracy and away from Oswald:

...Bullets and shells found on rooftops YEARS after the assassination. (Huge LOL here. Is Holmes really serious with those items? I guess he is, demonstrating the complete lack of legitimate and pertinent pieces of physical evidence he is able to come up with that lead away from LHO. Laughable.)

Also see my posts HERE and HERE where I discuss the absurdity of believing that any of those rooftop bullets and shells had any connection whatsoever with the assassination of President Kennedy.

...The 6.5 mm. "object" on the X-ray, which is AT BEST pretty much a "mystery object". Maybe it's a bullet fragment (as the HSCA determined). But I don't really think it is a metal fragment. But even if it IS, it's not a piece of evidence that leads AWAY from Oswald's guilt, for Pete sake. It's a piece of SOMETHING that matches the 6.5mm. dimensions of the bullets fired from OSWALD'S rifle.

...Alleged "unidentified" fingerprints on the Sniper's Nest boxes. Another howler from Ben here! And he totally ignores CE3131 (probably because J. Edgar Hoover says it), which says that the ONLY unidentified print on any of the TSBD boxes was a PALMprint, not any FINGERprints.

And just because there is ONE palmprint that could not be identified, that certainly doesn't perform the task that Holmes needs it to perform---i.e., it doesn't prove that the unidentified print was left there by some OTHER shooter (or conspirator) in the Depository.

...Holmes thinks the Zapruder Film is proof that Oswald didn't act alone. (I guess this means Holmes DOESN'T think the film is a forgery. So that's good anyway.)

In reality, of course, the Zapruder Film certainly does not prove a conspiracy at all. The Single-Bullet Theory is perfectly INTACT when taking a reasonable look at the individual toggling clips of the key frames in the film in the Z220s, as I fully demonstrate HERE.

...And Ben thinks an EMPTY ENVELOPE (containing NOTHING) indicates a conspiracy too. Too funny. (I wonder why the cover-up team didn't deep-six that envelope too? Any idea why not?)

In summary....

Holmes' list of physical items that he says proves Oswald did not act alone is a big pile of garbage that doesn't come close to proving what he wants it to prove.

Holmes is reaching deep to find that physical evidence of conspiracy....and coming up with nothing. That's called "desperation".

(Are you blushing yet, Holmes, after that weak-sister effort? If not, you oughta be.)

David Von Pein
May 25, 2014