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I’ve come to the conclusion — it’s inescapable — that the Secret Service (1) facilitated the murder of JFK, and (2) played a central role in covering up the nature of his wounds.


Please tell me, Jonathan, how on Earth could the Secret Service have possibly played any role at all in “covering up the nature of [JFK's] wounds”?

The SS men weren’t the ones tending to President Kennedy’s wounds at Parkland. Nor did the Secret Service have anything at all to do with JFK’s autopsy later that night.


David, I believe you are too great a scholar in this case to pose this question to me. Surely you have studied carefully and critically the statements of the persons who saw a hole in limo windshield. Surely you have studied Kellerman’s actions aimed at Earl Rose, M.D. Surely you have studied the testimony of John H. Ebersole, M.D., before the HSCA, regarding S.S. seizure of x-ray films he made and never saw again. Surely you’ve studied the transcripts of the AF-1 transmissions, in which Gerald Behn INSISTS the autopsy be conducted at Bethesda rather than Walter Reed. Surely you’ve studied Rowley’s handling (or mishandling) of the “magic bullet”.

I give up. You know more about this case than I. You should answer your own question.

Also David, I’m sure you’ve studied Homer McMahon’s testimony to the ARRB how he processed a version of the Z-film brought to him straight from Hawkeyeworks by S.S. agent “Bill Smith” on the assassination weekend.

I’m especially interested to see your response to McMahon’s ARRB testimony.


It’s total bunk. Simple as that. Nothing you have said above, Jonathan, wipes out the vast array of evidence linking Lee Harvey Oswald (and only Oswald) to the murders of both JFK and J.D. Tippit.

And the business about Behn and the Air Force One tapes is especially humorous. The people on AF1 were literally flying by the seats of their collective pants during that trip back to Washington from Dallas. Things were changing every minute. Orders were being given and then changed and then changed again. That’s not “conspiracy”. That’s called “What should we do next? We’ve never experienced this kind of thing on our watch before.”

Chaos and confusion doesn’t spell “cover-up” or “plot”. In fact, given the circumstances of the President’s totally unexpected death, such confusion and disorganization is to be expected.

But in the minds of certain conspiracy theorists, such perfectly ordinary indecisiveness and confusion is supposed to indicate the Government decided to take JFK to Bethesda in order to “steer” the President’s body into the hands of covert surgeons named Humes and Boswell. (Silly beyond all possible belief.)

And you’re going to have to include Jackie in that “plot” too if you think taking JFK to Bethesda was arranged by conspirators. And what rational person would attempt to do something that silly?


Of course, the Secret Service agents were not physically altering the president’s wounds themselves in the Parkland trauma room. The important point is that the Secret Service played a broader role in deceiving the American public about the nature of the wounds and, above all, the direction of the gunshots.

You should read with care the massive literature on the handling of the president’s body on November 22, 1963, in order to grasp the scope of Secret Service malfeasance. Your starting point should be the books of Lifton and Horne.

For the purpose of this thread, the major issue is the transportation of the limousine that eventually found its way from the C-130 transport plane in Dallas to Washington, D.C., and then over the weekend to the Ford automobile plant in Dearborn, Michigan, where the front window was replaced. This was necessary to destroy the evidence of a shot from the front through the windshield.

Douglas Weldon’s impeccable research on this subject makes it clear that the Secret Service did indeed play a role in the obfuscation of the president’s wounds.


Doug Weldon undoubtedly possessed a great deal of knowledge about the JFK assassination, but he also had some very strange and bizarre theories too. And the most bizarre one that I have ever come across was when Mr. Weldon said this at John Simkin's Education Forum in November 2010:

“The third person was removed from the front seat [of JFK's limousine in Dallas on 11/22/63]. .... I believe this created the opportunity for a shot to be fired through the front of the windshield from the south knoll area to hit Kennedy in the front.” -- Doug Weldon; November 15, 2010

In other words, according to Weldon, the conspirators who were planning the assassination of President Kennedy actually WANTED to fire a shot through the windshield of the car, and they PLANNED IN ADVANCE for that to happen by eliminating the military aide who sometimes sat between the two Secret Service agents in the front seat of the limo during JFK's motorcades.* (LOL.)

The above cockeyed theory that was embraced by Douglas Weldon just might be #1 on both the “hilarious” and “ridiculous” scales.

* BTW, there was most certainly NOT always a third person sitting in the front seat of the car during all of Kennedy's motorcades. A good example of a fairly lengthy motorcade drive with President Kennedy riding in that very same car (SS-100-X), with the top down, in which no third person was riding in the front seat can be found in the videotape footage of JFK's trip to San Diego in June of 1963, which can be seen HERE.

In addition -- The limousine wasn’t whisked off to Dearborn in late November. And the windshield wasn’t replaced. And the windshield never had a hole in it. Those are myths. Nothing more.

Robert Frazier’s testimony and the photos of the windshield [CE350 and CE351] verify there was only a crack in the glass (striking it from the INSIDE, where the lead smear was located).

Let me guess—Bob Frazier was lying.

The “Dearborn” witnesses are similar to the “Second Casket Arrival” witnesses at Bethesda. Just as the Bethesda witnesses could not possibly have seen a “JFK casket” enter the morgue TWICE on 11/22/63 (so any “shipping casket” that was observed that night by anyone at Bethesda Naval Hospital obviously had to have contained a body OTHER than John F. Kennedy’s)….the Dearborn witnesses might have seen some vehicle resembling JFK’s limo, but it was certainly NOT SS-100-X.

[Also see: "Reclaiming History" by Vincent Bugliosi; Pages 300-301 of the endnotes.]

David Von Pein
May 2014