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Oswald never told any curtain rod story to the police. In fact, he denied it to police.

The curtain rod story was told to police by Frazier.

As usual, you twist and distort the facts of the case.


Gil has done an excellent imitation of James DiEugenio here -- i.e., Gil has managed to mangle and distort and misrepresent what I have said about a particular assassination-related issue in the short space of just a few words
in his post dated 09/15/09 at 7:04 AM EDT.

Maybe Gil and DiEugenio should get together and form a new club -- the "Let's Lie About Everything David Von Pein Has Ever Said" club. You can be the secretary, Gil. (You can't be President of that club though, Gil, because DiEugenio holds that position as of this writing, and that's because of his unique ability to twist and mangle virtually everything I have ever said about the JFK case. When Jim retires, however, Gil Jesus can take over as the club's Grand Poobah and "Chief Mangler & Liar".)

I want Gil Jesus to come up with just one archived Internet post authored by DVP (that's me) that even remotely suggests that I think Oswald, himself, told the police his curtain-rod story.

Gil won't be able to find any such archived Internet post, of course, because no such post exists, and it never did (not even a deleted one from the past).

In fact, in this very thread, I have linked to a related "curtain rods" article that I wrote three years ago, in November 2006. And in that linked article, I said this:

"Lee lied to the police after his arrest when he told them he never said anything to Wesley Frazier about curtain rods, and he also lied when he said he had not carried a bulky package into work with him on Nov. 22nd. (It's more logical to believe that Frazier was being truthful in this regard rather than to believe the man who had just been arrested and wanted to distance himself from that mysterious brown paper package.)"
-- David Von Pein; November 30, 2006

So, just like with Jimmy DiEugenio, I'm forced to take many minutes to straighten out something that a conspiracy kook has gotten totally wrong about something I supposedly said. It's ridiculous. It's par for the course, that's true enough, but it's still ridiculous that such constant kook corrections are required in the first place.

For the latest hilarious example of how James DiEugenio once again decided to completely mangle and misrepresent something that I said, go to the 52:35 mark of this audio link. It's a howl.

David Von Pein
September 15, 2009