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>>> "The Warren Commission was a farce." <<<


You, obviously showing signs of being a conspiracy-loving kook who has never studied the actual physical evidence in the case, naturally have to believe in the absurd notion that "the Warren Commission was a farce".

That's always a good six-word mantra to fall back on when you're left with zero pieces of physical evidence of a conspiracy in the JFK and J.D. Tippit murder cases. You can wipe out all the evidence (in your conspiracy-happy mind) with those six simple words: "The Warren Commission was a farce".

Well, I guess uttering those six words is better than actually trying to reconcile all the junk that you seem to believe about the evidence, huh?

>>> "[Gerald] Ford himself admitted he altered findings, including the position of the back wound, raising it to his neck." <<<

If you can put your conspiracy on hold for two minutes, I'll offer you up solid proof (with the help of esteemed author Jean Davison, who gushes forth basic common sense and REAL evidence every time she discusses the JFK assassination) that Gerald Ford's on-paper "move" of Kennedy's wound did not (and does not now) help the "Single-Bullet Theory" in any way, shape, or form -- go HERE and HERE.

>>> "The surgeon who operated on Connally removed more material from the wrist wound than could have possibly come from the 'pristine' bullet." <<<

100% wrong. Dr. Charles Gregory removed "2 or 3" very, very small fragments of metal from John Connally's wrist. And as far as the available records and testimony are concerned, I can find no firm and established indications that any of those fragments were ever officially measured or weighed.*

[* EDIT --I later learned that one of the fragments removed from Governor Connally's wrist was weighed by the FBI's Robert Frazier, with Frazier testifying that the fragment weighed "one-half a grain", and that was very likely the biggest fragment taken out of Connally's body.]

All we have are Dr. Gregory's statements made in front of the Warren Commission in 1964, which are these statements concerning those extremely small metal fragments:

DR. CHARLES GREGORY -- "I would identify these fragments as varying
from five-tenths of a millimeter in diameter to approximately two
millimeters in diameter. And each fragment is no more than a half
millimeter in thickness. They would represent, in lay terms,
flakes...flakes of metal. .... I would estimate that they would be
weighed in micrograms, which is [a] very small amount of weight. I
don't know how to reduce it to ordinary equivalents for you. It is the
kind of weighing that requires a micro-adjustable scale; which means
that it is something less than the weight of a postage stamp. ....
Their greatest dimension would probably not exceed one-eighth of an
inch. They were very small."

ARLEN SPECTER [Later in Gregory's testimony session] -- "For the
purpose of this consideration, I am interested to know whether the
metal which you found in the wrist was of sufficient size so that the
bullet which passed through the wrist could not have emerged virtually
completely intact or with 158 grains intact, or whether the portions
of the metallic fragments were so small that that would be consistent
with having virtually the entire 6.5-millimeter bullet emerge?"

DR. GREGORY -- "Well, considering the small volume of metal as seen by
X-ray, and the very small dimensions of the metal which was recovered,
I think several such fragments could have been flaked off of a total
missile mass without reducing its volume greatly."

>>> "The bullet [CE399] that did all that damage, yet the Army's own ballistic expert who was charged by the WC with one hundred rounds to test fire Oswald's gun could not duplicate a bullet being undamaged even by going through a rib OR a wrist bone--never mind both." <<<

And that was one of the few mistakes made by the Warren Commission's people. They should have test-fired a WCC/MC bullet (like Oswald's CE399) through TWO simulated bodies, instead of merely firing bullets straight into ribs and wrist bones.

Quite obviously, if a WCC/MC bullet like Oswald's hits a wrist bone at full velocity, it's going to end up more damaged than CE399. That's just common sense, for Pete sake.

The WC/Army should have not only test-fired through a simulated JFK "upper back and neck" (which would have slowed down the bullet considerably), but then the bullet, after exiting the simulated JFK neck, should have gone into a simulated Connally torso/chest (which would have significantly slowed down the bullet a lot more) before then striking a simulated wrist bone.

Instead, the WC/Army fired a bullet directly into a simulated wrist bone. How can such a test be considered "SBT"-like in nature at all? Obviously it wasn't duplicating the path of the real CE399 at all.

In the long run, those Army tests involving bullets being fired directly into ribs and wrist bones (which are tests that Dr. Cyril Wecht loves to prop up so much as proof that the SBT is bunk) are essentially worthless as far as proving or disproving the Single-Bullet Theory.

>>> "And who mentioned the dictabelt? I referred to the Z film as silent." <<<

You mentioned the fact that the HSCA concluded there was a "conspiracy". And since the Dictabelt/acoustics evidence is the ONLY physical evidence that the House Select Committee utilized in order to arrive at their "95% or greater chance of conspiracy" conclusion, I then mentioned the "Dictabelt" evidence (which is evidence, as I said before, that has been totally discredited since 1979).

>>> "[Lyndon] Johnson himself never believed the SBT. HE is heard saying so on tape." <<<

So what?

LBJ obviously had not studied all the evidence in the case when he made his anti-SBT statement to Senator Richard Russell on 9/18/64. Johnson's opinion was quite obviously no more informed (or better) than the opinion of any Tom, Dick, or Harry you might pick off the street.

Plus, to those theorists who really think LBJ was one of the main "plotters" who had JFK killed, it was sure a great move on Johnson's part to put his anti-SBT beliefs ON TAPE, wasn't it?

Was Johnson just being smart there....by deliberately saying something of a "conspiratorial" nature so that people wouldn't suspect him? I guess many "LBJ Did It" kooks must think so. Otherwise, Lyndon would have been agreeing with every last thing uttered by his WC boys.

>>> "The HSCA disagreed on the SBT time frame, another red herring." <<<

But the HSCA's main conclusion was still exactly the same -- i.e., ONE bullet (CE399) struck both victims in the limousine. Naturally, the kooks have to ignore the fact that BOTH Government panels came to that exact same conclusion regarding a single bullet hitting both men at the same time.

>>> "The facts are the facts--eyewitness testimony versus a prat [that's me, DVP] trying to make himself feel superior due to the lack of his own insight." <<<

And you, being a conspiracy-happy kook, will naturally ignore the best evidence, in favor of the murky and shadowy junk that you couldn't possibly build into a cohesive and believable conspiracy plot if your life depended on it.

In other words -- You think your mush somehow trumps the Warren Commission's concrete foundation of "Oswald Did It Alone" stuff.

You're not alone, of course -- there are many kooks just like you. Just go HERE and HERE to see them in all their retarded splendor.

>>> "Extra bullets? I deal with facts. I do not need to find other bullets, because evidence was destroyed, so it is impossible." <<<

That's another useful (but wholly unprovable) tactic used by conspiracy nuts -- just say "evidence was destroyed" and you kooks think you're off the hook. Right?

Of course, as always, you conspiracy theorists can't come within sixty miles of proving that ANY evidence was "destroyed" as part of some kind of "Let's Frame Oswald" plot or cover-up. And that includes the only piece of evidence that was PROVABLY destroyed--the James Hosty note. The note Hosty destroyed, however, was flushed down the toilet for one reason only--to save Shanklin and Hosty and the Dallas FBI office from the potential wrath of big boss J. Edgar. The note certainly wasn't flushed because of some "Let's Frame An Innocent Oswald" plan.

>>> "The car [JFK's SS-100-X limousine] was whisked away and totally rebuilt." <<<

It wasn't rebuilt until a whole year later. And even though it was moved from Dallas to Washington very quickly, it was still examined (and photographed) in great detail at the White House garage on the morning of Saturday, November 23rd, 1963.

You, being a kook, I suppose must think that gobs of conspiracy-proving evidence was destroyed in the interim....right?

Here's a novel idea -- Prove it.

>>> "But I suppose you would not consider the eyewitness testimony of George Whittaker, the man who supervised glass lamination at Ford, who saw the hole in the windshield." <<<

No such hole existed. And the limo was not spirited away to Dearborn on November 24 or 25 for emergency conspiracy-concealing repairs either. To believe that is to be -- well -- a retarded kook. Simple as that.

>>> "A hole [in the windshield] from front to back. That is fact." <<<

Total bullshit (of course). There was only a crack in the windshield. No hole. And the bullet that struck the windshield hit the INSIDE part of the glass, not the outside portion.

You, being a kook, must think Robert Frazier of the FBI is a worthless liar, right?.....

ROBERT A. FRAZIER -- "The inside layer of the glass was not broken,
but the outside layer immediately on the outside of the lead residue
had a very small pattern of cracks and there was a very minute
particle of glass missing from the outside surface." ....

ARLEN SPECTER -- "What do those characteristics indicate as to which
side of the windshield was struck?"

MR. FRAZIER -- "It indicates that it could only have been struck on
the inside surface. It could not have been struck on the outside
surface because of the manner in which the glass broke and further
because of the lead residue on the inside surface."

>>> "The fact is the SBT does not work." <<<

You haven't been paying attention at all. The fact is: the Single-Bullet Theory works perfectly:

>>> "There is a delay between JFK and JC [John Connally] being shot, which is unexplainable." <<<

There is no "delay" in the reactions of JFK and Connally at all. Just look:

>>> "Connally is not shot where you morons suggest. He is reacting to a bullet striking the interior of the car and the shockwave of that bullet as it passed over his left shoulder." <<<

Where's the damage to the "interior of the car" then? No such interior damage (from a missed shot, as you suggest) existed.

The limo damage must have been one of the hundreds of things "covered up" by the evil Government after November 22nd. Right, Mr. Conspiracy?

Also, you must think that all of that stuff that I talked about earlier (Connally's obvious involuntary reactions to his being hit by Bullet CE399) is as a result of Connally merely HEARING the sound of a gunshot.

In other words, you'll deny the obviousness of the SBT until you draw your last breath. Typical anti-SBT kook behavior.

>>> "He [JBC] is shot about 1.16 seconds later." <<<

At a point on the film where Connally is showing nowhere NEAR the signs of initial distress as he is in frames Z224-Z232??

Keep believing that craziness if you want. But the Zapruder Film will always prove you dead-wrong....every time.

>>> "You cannot explain it, the WC and HSCA cannot explain it, yet it exists." <<<

Such a later "hit" to John Connally only "exists" in the minds and imaginations of conspiracy-hungry theorists. Nowhere else.

>>> "The man who was shot, John Connally, knows when he was shot, so does his wife." <<<

They were supposedly watching the Zapruder Film at the EXACT TIME John Connally was being shot through the back, eh? Gee, that's news to me.

John Connally, in fact, is really THE WORST possible eyewitness when it comes to trying to prove or disprove the SBT.

>>> "Eyewitnesses and victims are far more credible than anything else." <<<

LOL. Yeah, let's just pretend all the physical evidence against Oswald doesn't exist at all. Right? Great idea (if you're an "Anybody But Oswald" nutjob, that is).

>>> "The Z film supports what he [John Connally] said, he turns to his right, then goes to turn left--then he is shot." <<<

Yes. Exactly. And we see those exact things in the Z-Film starting at Z164. Maybe you'd better look again.

>>> "You, on the other hand, are a twit." <<<

But at least I'm a twit with all the bullets on my side. You, however, have zero bullets and zero pieces of physical evidence to support any of your conspiracy fantasies.

But you don't care about physical (ballistics) evidence. After all, the witnesses who support your multi-shooter beliefs is the place where you'd rather stop your investigation. The lack of non-Oswald bullets can easily be explained via the words "evidence was destroyed". Right, Mr. Conspiracy?

>>> "You were not there. Fact. I do not believe any moronic conclusion you come to." <<<

Even though my "moronic" conclusions are fully backed up by the two major Government organizations assigned the task of arriving at the truth regarding the JFK murder case.

Oh, I forgot....the Government (the Warren Commission and the HSCA) is filled with nothing but liars (15 years apart).

Good luck proving that BOTH the WC and the HSCA were 100% wrong when they BOTH concluded that only one man--Lee Harvey Oswald--struck Kennedy and Connally with any rifle bullets on 11/22/63.

Back to bed with Fetzer, Marrs, Lane, and Groden now. I'm sure their feet are getting cold without you.

David Von Pein
January 22, 2009