(PART 429)


>>> "Where were you born, since you brought it up? What's your alma mater? Where do you live? Whom among the research community have you met? Where have you presented? Why don't you have a photo of yourself at your blog?" <<<


Gee, I didn't realize a grueling examination was going to be required in order to battle some conspiracy theorists on a series of JFK Internet forums.

But, even though it's none of your business, what the heck, I have nothing to hide:

>>> "Where were you born?" <<<

Richmond, Indiana, USA, North America, Earth, Milky Way.


>>> "What's your alma mater?" <<<

Baxter Elementary School. ;)

>>> "Where do you live?" <<<

You can find that answer here.

>>> "Whom among the research community have you met?" <<<

Do e-mail conversations with Dale Myers, Gary Mack, John McAdams, Ken Rahn, Richard Trask, Steve Barber, Hugh Aynesworth, Robert Huffaker, T. Mack Durham, David Lifton, James Fetzer, Wallace Milam, and Vincent Bugliosi's secretary count? (Prob'ly not, huh?)

If those e-mails don't count, then my answer is: Not a living soul.

I do have a collection of Cincinnati Reds baseball player autographs, though (from 1972 and 1973)....including All-Star greats Johnny Bench, Joe Morgan, and Tony Perez.

And I've also got a copy of the best and most comprehensive JFK assassination book ever written ("Reclaiming History") that has been inscribed by the book's author, Vince Bugliosi, with some very nice comments to me.

Does any of that stuff gain me any points? (Most likely not, I'm guessing.)


>>> "Where have you presented?" <<<

Do alt.assassination.jfk and Amazon.com and DavidVonPein.blogspot.com count? ;) (Prob'ly not, huh?)

So....my answer, then, would have to be: Nowhere.

I did receive this e-mail from a fan of my JFK Blog last year, though. Will this help me pass this nerve-racking test?:

"Good day to you, David. Yes, my e-mail address is new to you, but you might remember some messages we recently exchanged through YouTube. .... Regarding your BlogSpot Web page re the JFK assassination -- several adjectives come to mind: "Amazing, comprehensive, overwhelming, thorough, extensive, high-quality," and how about just "Wow!" No, I guess you won't let me liken your Web page to the Warren Commission Report, but your efforts are beyond my comprehension, David.

Let me just say that this apparently represents a life-long devotion to thoroughly documenting a tremendous wealth of information pertaining to the events of that terrible day. It's much more than a mere collection of photos, newspaper clippings, and media broadcasts.

While my review of your BlogSpot page hasn't even begun to scratch the surface, I will dare to say that short of the Warren Commission's library of assassination-related evidence, your BlogSpot page has GOT TO BE the most comprehensive collection of assassination-related material available on the Web.

This is obviously not the product of a weekend- or months-long whim. Even if you could work on a full-time basis toward achieving this, I suspect that just the research, not to mention all the other work required to produce this Web Page, at the very least must have taken the better part of a year. And if there were other things in your life that consumed part of your time, no one would blame you for taking much, much longer, if necessary, to complete such a formidable project in such fine fashion as you did.

I should take a moment to explain something, David. If you're a skeptical person as I am, or if someone you don't know (me) seems to be heaping large amounts of praise upon you, it could seem like a "set-up" or the person who's so generous with all the compliments could be getting ready to ask for a favor. No, not here, David. You can rest certain that I won't be asking any nosy questions and won't be trying to get copies of anything either.


When I see something that's wonderful and worthy of praise, I want to take a little time to say how grateful I am for having experienced something I so much enjoyed. And if it wouldn't take too much of my time, then why shouldn't I take a moment to say something nice to the person(s) responsible?"
-- Tony M.; September 4, 2008

>>> "Why don't you have a photo of yourself at your blog?" <<<

Because I don't want a photo of myself at my blog. Way too ugly. My "JFK Official Portrait" signature photo is my trademark. I like that a lot better.


Addendum Questionnaire for Pamela:

Okay, Pam, it's time to turn the tables. I've answered your series of nosy questions. Now, it's your turn to do the answering. Don't hold back now. Spill your guts.....

Where were you born? _________
What's your alma mater? _________
Where do you live? _________
Whom among the research community have you met? _________
Where have you presented? _________
What is your shoe size? _________
What is your favorite hot food? _________
What is your least favorite cold food? _________
Can you explain what "Anamorphic Widescreen" means? _________
Who did you vote for in the 1972 Presidential election? _________
Do you say "to-MAY-to" or "to-MAH-to"? _________
What year did Alfred Hitchcock make "Dial M For Murder"? _________
What was your 2nd-grade teacher's name? _________
Do you like cheese on your hamburgers? _________
Do you agree with me that James H. Fetzer is a kook? _________
Was Gordon Arnold really in Dealey Plaza on 11/22/63? _________
Do you agree with me that it's foolish to ever pay for shipping & handling via an online purchase when the option for Free Shipping is also available? _________
Have you ever seen a UFO? _________
Does the name Larry Biittner mean anything to you? _________


I'll tally up your score after reviewing your exam answers. A score of less than 85 will result in your being expelled from class for the remainder of the 2009 conspiracy-seeking season.

Good luck.

[Jeopardy music commencing...]

David Von Pein
January 26, 2009