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I am envious of DVP's ability to get under the skin of the kooks. Just posting the truth in kook havens have gotten kooks in many quarters abuzz with concern. Even to the point of mentioning him on paranoid retard radio. It's quite an accomplishment.


"Paranoid Retard Radio". I love it! Thanks, Bud.

Maybe we could change the name of "Black Op Radio" to "The PRR Network" (The Paranoid Retard Radio Network). Seems to fits very well, in fact.

As I perused The Education Forum today (which could also easily be renamed "The Paranoid Research Center" [PRC]), I took note (as expected) of the many errors that popped up in the posts within this forum thread. One of the "PRC's" conspiracy theorists said:

"I'm curious to find out who Von Pein actually is [I'm assuming it's a nom de plume]..."

Now, I ask a logical question after seeing the above CTer's comment: Why in the world would that CTer automatically "assume" that my name is a pen name or a fake name of some kind?

Just....why? I truly do not understand such a CTer mindset.

Another CTer couldn't help but bellow:

"Yea, even though he's a nitwit, there's no need to be insulting him by implying he's one and the same as David Reitzes, as I can attest they are two different nitwits who don't have the gonads to sign on here and talk honestly about the assassination of President Kennedy. And indeed, instead of rising above mere debunkers and generating new and usefull [sic] knowledge and research, they decided they liked being nitwit schmucks and distractions. They could have been contenders though...if they only had the gonads."

Maybe that CTer (William Kelly), who joined the PRC (aka "The Education Forum") on October 20, 2005, doesn't recall the fact that I did, indeed, "sign on" and "talk[ed] honestly about the assassination" at that forum in July 2006....and I posted more than 70 messages filled with the evidence and basic common sense about the murder of John Kennedy [and I became an active member of The Education Forum again in August 2010].

David Von Pein
January 24, 2009
February 16, 2009