(PART 431)


SS A[gent] Richard Johnson [sic][,] interviewed by [Vince] Palamara[,] had no recollection of ever receiving a bullet from the parkland [sic] staff.


Please provide documentation for this incredible claim.

[HERE'S information that tends to refute what the conspiracy kook named "Laz" just said.]


Obviously the damage would be greater from CE399 if it did what it was alleged to have done.


Then how do you explain the fact that a POINTY-TIPPED bullet supposedly did do a lot of damage to John Connally, per the beliefs of many conspiracy theorists, and still ended up with its tip "POINTY"?

Isn't it the contention of the anti-SBT crowd that NO BULLET in the world could have ended up looking anything like CE399 (i.e., in a whole, unfragmented condition) if it were to have caused Governor Connally's wounds?

No anti-SBT conspiracist EVER wants to discuss the "How Did A Pointy-Tipped Bullet REMAIN Pointy-Tipped After Hitting Connally?" snafu in the kooks' case.

The conspiracy kooks have no easy escape hatch when answering the above question either. Because if they answer with: "Well, the pointy bullet was actually a planted bullet" .... then the same kook has to believe that some idiot plotters PLANTED a bullet from a non-Oswald gun. And that same kook undoubtedly also wants to believe their continued fantasy about Lee Oswald being "set up" as the proverbial "patsy" too. So that makes the idea of a plotter PLANTING a pointy-tipped bullet at Parkland a very stupid theory.

And if the kook wants to think that the pointy bullet really did hit Connally....then they are forced to forget about TWO of their cherished myths....which are:

1.) The stretcher bullet found by Darrell Tomlinson did not come off of John Connally's stretcher at all.


2.) A bullet couldn't possibly have ended up in one piece and in good shape after smashing into Connally's rib and wrist.

Unless the kook wants to invent a SECOND bullet that supposedly hit Connally and then vanished. Via that unsupportable 2nd-bullet scenario, the kook can then have a different (never found) bullet doing the major damage to Connally's body, while the "pointy-tipped" missile from the stretcher would have been the bullet that struck only Connally's thigh (or maybe just his rib and thigh, but not the wrist).

Any way an anti-SBT nut elects to go with the "pointy-tipped" bullet theory, they're in for some disappointment....because no matter what avenue they choose to go down with such a theory, it can only result in a three-word response from any reasonable person who examines such a theory:

This sounds stupid!

David Von Pein
January 27, 2009