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Oswald's arrest shirt was GRAY.


I wonder what Walt The Super Detective plans to do with these various
witnesses, all of whom testified they saw Lee Harvey Oswald wearing a
BROWN shirt on 11/22/63, not a GRAY shirt?

Let's have a look at some of the witness testimony in this regard
(and, btw, this only took me about 3 or 4 minutes to gather this
witness information about Oswald's shirt color; there are probably
even more witnesses that can verify that LHO was wearing a brown shirt
at the time of his arrest; but I stopped looking after finding these five):

JOHNNY BREWER -- "He had a brown sports shirt on."

JULIA POSTAL -- "It was something like this shirt [seen in CE150]. I
couldn't say it is the same, except it was brown and it was hanging out."

NICK McDONALD -- "He was wearing a dark brown shirt."

C.T. WALKER -- "He had on a white T-shirt under a brown shirt."

GERALD HILL -- "He had on a dark--I don't recall it being a solid
brown--shirt, but it was a dark-brownish-looking sports shirt."

Were all of the above witnesses color blind, Walt?

This type of argument brought up by Walt only further emphasizes and
vividly illustrates the lengths to which a conspiracy nut will go in
order to satisfy his desire for some kind of "plot" or "cover up" in
the JFK murder case.

Walt has loads of information in front of him regarding the color of
Oswald's arrest shirt. He's got all of the witness statements that I
just shared above (and probably more "brown" witnesses too). And he's
got CE150, which is definitely a brown shirt. And he's got a picture
(in color) that shows Oswald's arrest shirt to be brown in color.

So what does Walt do? He ignores the large amount of evidence that
tells a reasonable person that the shirt was brown....and he decides
to prop up an obviously-non-color-corrected photo supplied in one of
Robert Groden's books.

As usual, a kook has latched onto one piece of chaff, while tossing
aside a dozen hunks of wheat.

Let me add this note --- If Walt had wanted to, I'm pretty certain he
could have dug up a link to the photo that he was talking about.
Because this exact subject about LHO's shirt has surfaced at these
forums more than once in the past. Here's just one example, from two
years ago (and the photo that Walt wanted could possibly be somewhere
in that thread, although I haven't verified that).

In fact, I could have saved a little bit of typing by merely re-posting
in this thread the following words that I wrote in that 2007 thread.
They are certainly just as appropriate now as they were then:

"Walt The Super-Kook has struck again.....he's turned the
evidence on its head to satisfy his endless thirst for "conspiracy" --
ANY conspiracy. Even a "shirt" plot of some kind, where all the cops
and regular citizens like Julia Postal and Johnny Brewer (for some
reason) said "brown", but the shirt (per Walt-Kook) was really "gray".
Go figure kooks."
-- DVP; March 10, 2007

David Von Pein
January 25, 2009