(PART 367)


>>> "General description that was not all that accurate for recognizing LHO -- generally, and also general to probably a huge percentage of males in Dallas." <<<


Prob'ly. But it fit Sweet Lee Harvey too. And it was Lee Harvey's gun
found up there on that same floor where "Howie" saw this "slender
white male".

And Ozzie's prints just happen to be on the gun too; and Ozzie's
prints also just happen to be all over the location on the 6th Floor
(the Sniper's Nest) where Howie sees the "slender white male".

Shouldn't all of this stuff make a person pause and at least consider
the POSSIBILITY of the person Howie saw being Sweet Lee? Or is Lee
Harvey Oswald eliminated as a suspect entirely here?

>>> "Howie didn't say "that's him"..." <<<

Sure he did. He positively IDed the 6th-Floor sniper as Lee Harvey
Oswald. Not on November 22, 1963, true. But Brennan did positively
I.D. LHO as the gunman in the TSBD. You just don't want to believe
him. (What a shocker there! A CTer who doesn't want to believe
Howard Leslie Brennan; aka "Howie"! Imagine that.)

>>> "An O double is your creation, not mine." <<<

It certainly isn't MY creation, for pity sake. I'm merely repeating
what most hardline CTers think (i.e., that there were "Oswald Doubles"
running all over Texas in late 1963). If you're not one of those
people...here, have a cookie. Then you got one right.

>>> "Personally, I think Oswald most likely shot Tippit." <<<

Gee, I wonder how you could have ever arrived at that difficult
conclusion? LOL.


>>> "Personally, I think Oswald most likely shot Tippit." <<<

This is too hilarious to waste on just a single response, so an
instant replay is required. And another "LOL" as well.

The "most likely" part is a real treat.

You CTers can't even admit (full-force) that Oswald was Tippit's


>>> "This Howie Brennan thing has been danced many times." <<<

And I'm sure that the late Mr. Brennan would appreciate being called
"Howie", too. It gives him a youthful air.

>>> "It just cracks me up every time someone claims Oswald was identified as the man with a rifle in the window..." <<<

Oswald was identified as the man with a rifle in the window.

Why fight this obvious fact?

>>> "...you just know they are going to drag out Howie [aka Howard L. Brennan]." <<<

Yeah...well...seeing as how "Howie" is the only witness who can be
utilized in such a "Positive Identification Of Oz In The Window"
fashion...then...well...yeah, Howie's gonna get dragged out -- each
and every time this topic surfaces.

Should we LNers pull a CT-Kook's trick and just PRETEND that we have a
dozen witnesses who positively IDed Lee Oswald as Kennedy's killer?

(I think it's time for a "Duh!" here. Don't you?)

>>> "Not even the DPD thought they had a positive ID worth squat. As Chief Jesse Curry wrote in his book, "We don't have any proof that Oswald fired the rifle, and never did. Nobody's yet been able to put him in the building (Texas School Book Depository) with a gun in his hand." " <<<

Yeah, and that's a shame too. Because I always liked Chief Curry. Too
bad that the invisible and crazy "CT stranglehold" took control of him
and his good sense (much the same way the dreaded CT Disease took
ahold of Marina Oswald in later years as well, after she had said for
decades that she thought her husband had killed the President).

Jesse Curry wanted to write a book in the late '60s, and "LNism"
wasn't selling very well back then (what with rabid CT-Kooks like Mark
Lane and Jim Garrison dishing up assorted conspiracy fantasies to the
book-buying masses).

So -- Voila! -- Chief Curry suddenly declares that there was a
conspiracy and that Oswald couldn't be placed in the window. It's
ridiculous. Sad--but ridiculous.

>>> "All the HSCA wanted from Brennan was for him to sign off on his WC testimony.....they would have brought it to his house. He wouldn't do it." <<<

Howard Brennan, of course, isn't really needed at all to arrive at the
truth in this murder case. Because even if there were zero witnesses
to the shooting itself, Lee Oswald's guilt has still been proven 85
ways to Sunday (or Friday)....via the popcorn trail of evidence he
left in his wake, and the many lies he told after his arrest.

Does an innocent man need to tell lie after lie--as Lee Harvey did
after his arrest?

He even lied about where he purchased the gun he had ON HIM when he
was taken into custody.

Oswald was obviously attempting to distance himself from BOTH murders
he committed on 11/22/63 (and distance himself from both murder

He didn't tell the truth ONE time (that I can think of) when it came
to any substantive issue connected with the murders of Kennedy and
Tippit, particularly with respect to his C2766 Carcano rifle and his
Smith & Wesson revolver.

Lee Oswald was a Lying Machine when it came to those weapons.

As Vince Bugliosi said to the London jury in 1986:

"When he was interrogated, Oswald, from his own lips, he TOLD us he was guilty....he told us he was guilty....almost the same as if he had said 'I murdered President Kennedy'....he told us. How did he tell us? Well, the lies he told, one after another, showed an UNMISTAKABLE consciousness of guilt. If Oswald were innocent, why did he find it necessary to deny purchasing that Carcano rifle from the Klein's store in Chicago? Why did he even deny owning any rifle at all? Why did he find it necessary to do that if he's innocent? Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, if Lee Harvey Oswald had nothing to do with President Kennedy's assassination and was framed, this otherwise independent and defiant would-be
revolutionary, who disliked taking orders from anyone, turned out to be the most willing and cooperative frame-ee in the history of mankind!! Because the evidence of his guilt is so monumental, that he could have just as well gone around with a large sign on his back declaring in bold letters 'I Just Murdered President John F. Kennedy'!!! Anyone...ANYONE who would believe that Lee Harvey Oswald was innocent, would believe someone who told them that they heard a cow speaking the Spanish language!" -- VINCENT T. BUGLIOSI; "ON TRIAL: LEE HARVEY OSWALD" (c.1986)

NOTE --- The above portions of Vince Bugliosi's Final Summation to the jury
cannot be found on the MPI Home Video DVD edition of "ON TRIAL: LEE
HARVEY OSWALD" (released to the public on October 28, 2008), but Vince
said them to the jury just the same. Those VB comments aired in 1988,
when an alternate and slightly re-edited version of the "trial" was
shown on cable TV, commemorating the 25th anniversary of the

David Von Pein
November 6, 2008