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In addition David, at a time when communication with Oswald would have been imperitive, weeks before the assassination, Oswald neither made nor received any calls at his boarding house other than the one time he called Marina. In other words, there was NO communication in any form and Oswald neither left the boarding house after 6 PM nor did he receive any guests.



Lee Oswald never received any phone calls at all while he was staying
at Ruth Paine's house in Irving on the weekends.

From the 1986 TV Docu-Trial, "On Trial: Lee Harvey Oswald":

VINCENT BUGLIOSI -- "Did he [LHO] ever receive any telephone calls at
your home of a mysterious nature?"

RUTH PAINE -- "No, he never received any calls of any nature."

Now, I will say this -- common sense is telling me that if a person
was engaged in some kind of covert, undercover, or clandestine work
(for the CIA, the FBI, or even for the "Fred & Wilma Flintstone
Detective Agency of Bedrock, USA"), it would stand to reason that such
a person working undercover probably wouldn't be receiving any phone
calls (or visitors) at his residence, if he was living at a crowded
(or semi-crowded) roominghouse, like Oswald was in October and
November of 1963. Especially since Oswald didn't have a private
telephone in the crackerbox of a rented room that he called home at
1026 North Beckley Avenue.

Oswald, if he ever got an outside call at the Beckley residence*,
would have had to use a phone located elsewhere in the roominghouse
(other than his own room), meaning that other tenants could have
possibly been within earshot of any of his conversations.

* = And I don't believe there's even one verified instance of him
receiving any calls there at all, with the exception of the call that
Ruth Paine made to that location, when Ruth was told "there is no Lee
Oswald living here" [via Ruth's WC testimony], because both Gladys
Johnson and Earlene Roberts knew him by the name "O.H. Lee".

So, IMO, any "covert" calls made by an "undercover agent" of some ilk
would logically have been made while using a pay phone or while using
some other phone away from his residence (especially, as mentioned, in
Oswald's "roominghouse" case).

But most of Oswald's time and whereabouts are accounted for in the
weeks leading up to the assassination. Obviously not every last second
is accounted for, that's true. But since Oswald couldn't drive (at
least not very well) and he had no car of his own, it would have made
getting from Point A to Point B a little more difficult for "CIA Agent
Lee Harvey".

Additional random thoughts concerning this subject:

The name "Donnie Brasco" being mentioned earlier made me think of
something else with respect to Oswald's supposed "CIA ties".

"Brasco" was a fake name used by FBI agent Joseph Pistone in the
1970s. Now, while it's true that Lee Oswald did use various aliases
during the last few years of his life, it's also true that he used his
own name on many occasions too, such as when he signed the hotel
register in Mexico City "Lee, Harvey Oswald" [WCR; Pg. 733].


Since many conspiracy theorists seem to think that Lee Oswald was
working for the CIA (or some similar agency) for several YEARS prior
to JFK's assassination (going all the way back to Oswald's time in the
Marines and just after his attempted defection to Russia as a 19-year-
old in 1959), why hasn't anyone been able to come up with just ONE
other "job" that Oswald supposedly performed for the CIA (or whoever)
while he was employed by them from 1959 up until 11/22/63?

If Oswald was working for the CIA as far back as 1959 (or even
earlier than that), as many CTers firmly believe, then what on Earth
was he DOING for the CIA all during that time period? What other jobs
were given him? Anything? Or was he only used as an "agent" in
November 1963, in order to serve as the proverbial "patsy" in JFK's

All of the above stuff indicates the likelihood that the conspiracy
theorists who desperately WANT Lee Harvey Oswald to have been an
agent of the U.S. Government prior to JFK's death are living in a
dream world all their own -- a shadowy world of "maybe's" and "it
could have been's" as far as Lee Oswald's Government involvement is


I'm also wondering how many CIA agents don't even bother learning a
basic common skill like driving a car by the time they're 24 years

Can anybody point to even one such agent who, at the age of 24,
didn't have a driver's license and was unable to properly turn the
wheel of an automobile (per Ruth Paine's testimony to the Warren

"It became clear to me in that lesson that he [Lee Oswald] was
very unskilled in driving. We practiced a number of the things you
need to know: to back up, to turn, right-angle turn to come to a
stop. .... I noticed when we got to the parking lot when he attempted
to turn in a right angle he made the usual mistake of a beginner of
turning too much and then having to correct it. He was not familiar
with the delay of the steering wheel in relation to the wheels."
Ruth Paine; 1964 WC Testimony

David Von Pein
November 4, 2008