(PART 370)


If Mal Couch and Robert Jackson were witnesses who saw a rifle protruding from a window why didn't they report that immediately after the shooting??


Malcolm Couch is on record as having seen a rifle sticking out of the Sniper's Nest window, idiot.

Couch can be heard on audio tape on November 22 telling his story about seeing the rifle in the window. I have that audio in my collection, in fact [RIGHT HERE].

And only a total kook could possibly believe that Robert Jackson didn't see the rifle protruding from Oswald's window. His story is corroborated by Tom Dillard, who then further corroborated it by taking a photograph of the face of the TSBD just after Jackson yelled "There's the rifle".

Why do you think Dillard took his photos of the front of the Depository, Walt? Do you kooks think that Dillard was of the opinion that the beautiful architecture of the old TSBD Building was just too grand to pass up...so he had to snap a couple of photos of it during the motorcade?

Or could it be that Dillard was of the opinion that some gunshots had come from the general areas where he was pointing his cameras that day?

Dillard's photos of the front of the TSBD, as a matter of fact, are pretty good circumstantial evidence that shots positively did come from the southeast corner of that building during the assassination. Otherwise, why on Earth would Dillard have photographed that building at all?

David Von Pein
November 10, 2008