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I am new to the board and not one particularly interested in assassination lore. However, I thought I remembered reading a well-documented statement that indeed Oswald had some sort of contract or other formal association with the CIA prior to the assassination. Could anyone tell me whether or not this is true?


A very good indication that Lee Harvey Oswald was certainly not a CIA agent or any kind of "operative" working for some high-up organization in the U.S. Government is:

The way Lee Oswald was living in the weeks and months (and years) prior to 11/22/63.

Oswald couldn't even afford to feed and provide a home for his wife and kids in the weeks leading up to the assassination. And he never offered Ruth Paine a cent as compensation for Marina and his kids living at the Paine home for several weeks in 1963. Not a cent.

Do CIA operatives normally have to live in virtual poverty while they are "on assignment" for the agency (or at ANY time while in the employ of the Langley big boys)?

Do CIA agents have to live in ROOMINGHOUSES, in $7 and $8 a week rooms (some no bigger than a large closet) while working for an agency like the CIA?

Somebody please show me proof that ANY ex-CIA agents (or current agents) were forced to live like Lee Oswald lived in 1963 -- i.e., in virtual poverty.

It's just silly.

In short -- The manner in which Oswald LIVED HIS OWN LIFE FROM DAY TO DAY is virtual proof, IMO, that he was WORKING ALONE on November 22, 1963 (and on April 10, 1963, in the Walker incident as well).

Now, I'm sure that some CTers will chime back in with: 'CIA agents don't flaunt their wealth'; or: 'The salary isn't good anyway for an agent like Oswald'.

But my main point will still apply at the end of those arguments...which is: Lee Harvey Oswald's OWN LIFESTYLE and HABITS and LODGINGS and LACK OF READILY AVAILABLE FUNDS all lead in the direction of Mr. Oswald NOT being an agent of the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States (or any other "high-up" organization within either the U.S. Government or a foreign Government).

David Von Pein
November 3, 2008