(PART 369)


No one was holding a rifle out of the TSBD.


This might be Anthony Marsh's most fantastically wrong statement yet
posted on these boards.

I guess Mr. Marsh must think that Howard Brennan, Amos Euins, Robert
Jackson, and Mal Couch all got together right after the assassination
to cook up the unified lie about how they each saw a rifle (or "pipe")
protruding from a sixth-floor window at the southeast corner of the
Book Depository on 11/22/63.


"No one was holding a rifle out of the TSBD."

The above words should be thrown back in the face of Anthony Marsh at
least once a week (if not more often), to fully illustrate the
desperate lengths that some conspiracy-happy individuals will go to in
order to rewrite the truth of the assassination of President Kennedy.

Pitiful. And pathetic.


The fact remains that only a very small percentage of conspiracy researchers believe the Two Oswald Theory.


Totally untrue.

And it's untrue when based on the "Was Oswald In Mexico City?" debate
alone, because a very large number of conspiracy theorists are of the
firm opinion that Lee Oswald was never in Mexico City in September or
October of 1963. Hence, those CTers most certainly believe in an
"Oswald Double" or "Oswald Imposter" (at least as far as the Mexico
City topic is concerned).

I often wonder how those CTers reconcile the fact that the real LHO,
on 9/27/63, signed line #18 of that day's guest register at the Hotel
del Comercio--"Lee, Harvey Oswald"--in his own, verified handwriting
(Commission Exhibit No. 2480)?

I also wonder how those same CTers reconcile the accounts of the
various witnesses who said they saw the real Lee Oswald on busses
going to and returning from Mexico in late September and early October
of 1963?

Even Mark Lane, a "first wave" JFK researcher who is admired by a
large percentage of conspiracists today, has said that he doesn't think
Lee Harvey Oswald travelled to Mexico City in September of 1963, which
has to mean that Lane must believe in some kind of "LHO Imposter/Double"
scenario as it relates to Oswald's Mexico trip.

Mark Lane said this during a "Black Op Radio" appearance on March 13, 2008:

"I don't believe Oswald was in Mexico City, which is important because the Warren Commission was told that Oswald went down there, went to the Soviet embassy, met with a man named Kostikov, who was the KGB person in charge of assassinations in the Western Hemisphere, and then Oswald went to the Cuban embassy, then he came back and he killed President Kennedy. I don't think any of those things happened." -- Mark Lane; 03/13/08

Now, I know that Mark Lane is only one person. But the quote above
from Lane's own lips demonstrates that even a seasoned and highly
respected (by other CTers) Kennedy assassination researcher STILL TO
THIS DAY, in 2008, believes that Lee Oswald was being impersonated by
someone in Mexico in 1963. (And I can only assume that Mr. Lane
probably hasn't changed his view on this matter since that radio
interview in March 2008.)

So even a well-schooled researcher like Mark Lane is willing to THROW
AWAY all of the rock-solid evidence that exists which proves beyond
all possible reasonable doubt that Lee Oswald was, in fact, in Mexico
City in late 1963.

It's amazing to see how willing and eager many conspiracy theorists
are to disregard so many solid, verifiable "Oswald Did It" facts when
it comes to the murder cases of John F. Kennedy and J.D. Tippit.

And a bigshot like Mark Lane is certainly no exception when it comes
to his complete disregard for much of the verified and factual
evidence in the JFK case.

An addendum to the topic about Oswald signing the hotel register in Mexico City---

I recently finished reading the new JFK assassination book co-authored
by Gus Russo and Stephen Molton ("Brothers In Arms: The Kennedys, The
Castros, And The Politics Of Murder"), and one of the biggest factual
mistakes that I noticed in that book shows up on page 304, where it is
stated that Oswald "registered under 'O.H. Lee'" at the Hotel del
Comercio. (The name of the hotel is also misspelled in the book, but
that's not a major error.)

But as everyone can see in Warren Commission Exhibit No. 2480, Oswald
didn't sign the hotel register "O.H. Lee"; he signed it "Lee, Harvey Oswald".

The "O.H. Lee" error in Russo's and Molton's book is a rather strange
mistake, IMO, coming as it does from a man (Russo) who probably knows
the Kennedy case backwards and forwards by heart. It just seemed odd
to find such a blatant error about a very important matter (Oswald's
very own signature being found in the hotel register) in a book
written by Mr. Russo.

Co-writers Russo and Molton believe that Cuban G2 agents were working
with Oswald in some capacity in a plot to kill JFK. But this "Cuban/Oswald"
plot is never clearly defined, much less proven beyond a reasonable doubt,
in "Brothers In Arms". It's always vague and shadowy and mysterious (much
like the theories we're accustomed to seeing from the majority of conspiracy
theorists that have offered up an opinion as to how John Kennedy died).

Although I will admit that Russo's and Molton's "Cuban" theory is not
nearly as impossible to believe when stacked up against all of the
other theories that we've been treated to since 1963. And this is due
mainly to the fact that Mr. Russo and Mr. Molton know (as do I) that
Lee Harvey Oswald was the only person firing a gun at President
Kennedy in Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963.

But several major issues regarding the pre-planning and the mechanics
and the after-the-shooting actions of Oswald as they relate to any
kind of a proposed "Oswald Was Working With The Cubans" assassination
scheme just do not add up at all, in my own personal opinion. Such as
the three major things I mentioned in this 10/28/08 Internet post.

In my opinion, the book "Brothers In Arms" does not satisfactorily
answer the three questions I posed in the article above.

In the end, the PHYSICAL EVIDENCE coupled with OSWALD'S VERY OWN
ACTIONS (both before and after the assassination) are still the things
that continue, to this day, to provide the best clues as to what
happened on 11/22/63.

And those "best clues", IMO, still add up to this bottom-line

Lee Harvey Oswald, by himself, killed President Kennedy, and Oswald
was not aided by any other person or group.

David Von Pein
November 9, 2008