(PART 233)


>>> "Oswald's alibi was he was ''on the second floor at the time of
the shooting". He never said ''I went up to the second floor to get a
Coke''." <<<


You're wrong. Lee Harvey Oswald told Captain Will Fritz of the DPD that he (LHO) was "having his lunch about that time [of the assassination] on the first floor" (quote from Fritz' police report).

And Oswald further told Fritz during that very same November 22 interrogation session that he (Oswald) was "on the second floor drinking a Coca-Cola" when police officer Marrion Baker encountered Oswald (which we know was within just a couple of minutes after the shooting).

Therefore, quite obviously, Oswald (per his own account of events as he told them to Captain Fritz) would have had no choice but to travel up one flight from the first floor to the second floor to get his Coke right around the time of the shooting.

All of this can be verified on Page 600 of the Warren Commission Report.

Plus, I'll add the following two excerpts from "Reclaiming History", which emphasize the obvious fact that Lee Oswald couldn't get his own story straight when it came to telling his lies to the various authorities on November 22-24:

"During Sunday's [11/24/63] interrogation Oswald slipped up and placed himself on the sixth floor [of the Depository] at the time of the assassination. .... In his Sunday-morning interrogation he said that at lunchtime, one of the "Negro" employees invited him to eat lunch with him and he declined. .... He said before he could finish whatever he was doing, the commotion surrounding the assassination took place and when he "WENT DOWNSTAIRS," a policeman questioned him as to his identification, and his boss stated that he was one of their employees. .... WHERE WAS OSWALD AT THE TIME THE NEGRO EMPLOYEE INVITED HIM TO LUNCH, AND BEFORE HE DESCENDED TO THE SECOND-FLOOR LUNCHROOM? [Answer:] The sixth floor." [All emphasis Bugliosi's.] -- Vincent Bugliosi; Page 957 of "Reclaiming History"


"There is yet another reason why Oswald's statement that he was on the first floor eating lunch at the time of the shooting makes no sense at all. If he had been, once he heard the shots and the screaming and all the commotion outside, if he were innocent, what is the likelihood that he would have proceeded to go, as he claims, up to the second floor to get himself a Coke? How could any sensible person believe a story like that?" -- Vincent Bugliosi; Page 958 of "Reclaiming History"

David Von Pein
May 23, 2008