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>>> "Vince [Palamara], for years and years you hammered away at the SS, right? Then you read Vinnie [Bugliosi's] book, [and] you're instantly converted? Fine. However, no thinking CTer is going to buy this instant conversion. .... This has nothing to do with Bugliosi, Reclaiming History or the Davey Von Peins of the world. Vince [Palamara], I believe, was delivered a message AND he responded. Simple as that." <<<


IMO, Vince Palamara has never really been very far away from "LN"
status at all--regardless of Mr. Bugliosi's book and its pro-LN

If my last statement above is incorrect, I apologize to Vince P. (and
I could very well be dead-wrong about that last statement I just
made....it's just a gut feeling I have).

But it is also nice to see a former "CTer" like Vince Palamara cross
over (completely) to the side that has all the physical evidence
supporting it (and a huge amount of circumstantial evidence as well)
-- i.e., the "Lone Assassin Named Lee Harvey Oswald" side. And Vince
Bugliosi, of course, lays out all of this LN-favoring evidence in
massive quantities within "Reclaiming History".

BTW, Vince Palamara's endorsement of Bugliosi's JFK book is certainly
not something that just cropped up in the last couple of days. I get a
feeling that many people here in this newsgroup are of the opinion
that Palamara woke up yesterday and decided to endorse VB's book. But
that's not quite the case. Because Palamara's pro-Bugliosi blurb has
been available to read at the "RH" website [which is no longer active]
for quite some time now.

Plus, I know for a fact that Palamara was fully endorsing Bugliosi's
book at least six full months ago (possibly even farther back than
that), because Mr. Bugliosi even mentions Palamara and VP's pro-RH
review/blurb in multiple radio interviews that VB did in late 2007.

And, Vince P. even talked about his "pro-VB, pro-RH" thoughts at this
forum as far back as almost a year ago, on June 22, 2007.

Less than two years ago, Vince Palamara said the following in an
Internet post (all emphasis used is Palamara's):

"THERE IS NO WAY IN THE WORLD BUGLIOSI, OR ANYONE ELSE, CAN OR WILL CONVINCE ANYONE THAT LHO--AND RUBY--ACTED 100% ON THEIR OWN. To try to succeed where the Warren Commission, Belin, Moore, Posner, Mailer, et. al. failed at this late date is an extremely tall order, to put it nicely." -- Vince Palamara; June 27, 2006

You've come a long way, Vince P. ;)

David Von Pein
May 23, 2008

[AUGUST 2012 EDIT -- Palamara has now, as of 2012, gone back to believing in a conspiracy, and a huge conspiracy at that, since he has totally endorsed the books written by conspiracy authors James Douglass and Doug Horne.]