(PART 236)


>>> "Why were there fake [Secret Service] men on the knoll?" <<<


There weren't.

And furthermore you can't prove there were any SS men on the "Knoll" after the shooting. Nor can anyone else prove this theory.

Vincent Bugliosi has an interesting segment in his book relating to this matter [see pages 870-871 of "Reclaiming History"]....it deals with Lee Oswald's statement to police after his arrest. Oswald told the authorities that he had encountered a "Secret Service man" outside the Depository just after the shooting.

But, of course, we know that LHO didn't encounter any such "Secret Service man" at all -- he actually encountered either Pierce Allman of WFAA or Robert MacNeil of NBC (probably Allman). Each man was wearing a press badge and a suit and tie, which made Oswald think (incorrectly) that the man he saw and directed to a telephone was a "Secret Service" agent.

Main point being: the very same type of confusion regarding the so-called Secret Service agents on the Knoll could have occurred with respect to other eyewitnesses just after the assassination too.

People thought (incorrectly) that they were seeing Secret Service agents when, in fact, we know they weren't. In the wild, frenzied confusion following the unexpected shooting of the President, such innocent mistakes and misidentifications are likely to occur.

We need to look no further than the real killer himself (Lee Harvey Oswald) for verification of what I just said above being true when it comes to people innocently mistaking other people for Secret Service agents immediately after the assassination of President Kennedy.

David Von Pein
May 23, 2008