(PART 235)


>>> "2 shots in jkf's [sic] back..." <<<


God, what an illiterate we've got here. You can't even spell "JFK".

And there's not a shred of evidence to support the notion of TWO separate shots to JFK's back. (Or even "JKF's" back, for that matter.)

Naturally, you've just made up this crappola out of whole cloth, like all kooks of your ilk enjoy doing.

>>> "There was a bullet hole in the windshield." <<<

Lookie! A kook is wrong. Again.

Naturally, the kook thinks Robert A. Frazier of the FBI is a rotten liar. Right? Because Frazier testified (in great detail) to there being NO HOLE in the windshield of the limo when Frazier personally examined it on November 23rd.

>>> "And tague's [sic; sigh] wound is IMPOSSIBLE from any of the ''alleged'' 3 shots." <<<

So which one of your make-believe shots wounded Tague then? -- Was it the "dart" shot from Umbrella Man perhaps? Or a shot from the sewer? Or a blast from Badge Man on THE KNOLL? (Some great shooters these guys were, huh? They must've thought James T. Tague was the intended victim way up the street on Main.)

Truth is, Tague was either wounded by the first (missed) shot from Oswald's rifle or by a fragment from the head shot, also from Oswald's rifle of course.

I favor the former instead of the latter option, with the shot glancing off the oak tree and partially fragmenting, thereby causing the copper jacket to spark off of Elm Street, which explains the witness testimony in that regard. The lead portion of the bullet deflected out to Main Street, near Tague.

>>> "Sorry buddy, ''TWO'' and only 2 bullet casings were found; are you about to call police chief curry [sic] a liar as well?" <<<

You're nuts. When did Jesse Curry EVER say that only "two" bullet shells were found in the Sniper's Nest?

Try counting to "three shells" in this picture:

David Von Pein
May 23, 2008