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The assassination of President John F. Kennedy in November of 1963 has probably been the most studied and most debated murder case in the history of the United States (and perhaps the whole world).

Many conspiracy theorists (aka CTers) seem to enjoy attempting to exonerate a double-murderer named Lee Harvey Oswald when it comes to the two killings he committed on 11/22/63 (President Kennedy's murder and the slaying of Dallas policeman J.D. Tippit).

Rabid CTers will do everything they can to skew the reality of the events that occurred on that autumn day in 1963 -- meaning: many CTers will take the massive supply of physical and circumstantial evidence (which is evidence that indicates, without any doubt, that a man with the initials "LHO" murdered two people on November 22nd) and attempt to taint all of this "official" evidence by casting doubt on the reliability of every single scrap of it (particularly the ballistics/bullet evidence in both the JFK and Tippit crimes, which is evidence that leads to only guns owned by Lee Harvey Oswald).

Is that the way to realistically approach a murder case? Is it reasonable to think that many, many people "plotted" to frame an innocent man named Oswald by planting several pieces of evidence favoring his guilt?

In my view, that crazy conspiracy approach is just downright silly. (Not to mention wholly unsupportable and unprovable.)

Many conspiracists believe that several shots fired in Dealey Plaza at President Kennedy totally missed not only all vehicle occupants, but also missed everything and everybody else in the entire Plaza.

But, instead of focusing forever and a day on the things that will always and implacably fall into the "Unknown" basket regarding John F. Kennedy's murder, why not focus more attention on the things that are fairly ironclad in nature?

Things such as:

1.) Exactly three shots were fired in Dealey Plaza on 11/22/63.

This is almost as ironclad a certainty as you can have, given the hugely one-sided chart shown above. And even if some people think that that chart has been skewed toward "3 Shots" somehow, the 3 Shots figure is still overwhelming, especially given the initial reports from multiple on-air reporters who said they heard precisely three shots fired (plus other wire service reporters who relayed their "3 Shots" beliefs to the world within minutes of the event as well).

2.) Three spent bullet shells (from Oswald's rifle) were found in the Sniper's Nest in the Texas School Book Depository. This doesn't mean much to the conspiracy theorists of the world, but it should. Because it doesn't take an Einstein to line up #1 and #2 here.

3.) Lee Harvey Oswald's own rifle was found on the 6th Floor of the TSBD (the same floor where those 3 shells were also discovered). This item doesn't seem to mean a whole lot to many CTers of the world either. But it most certainly should. Because the mere odds of somebody else (besides the known owner of that Mannlicher-Carcano rifle) having used that rifle to kill the President are very low.

It's not impossible, quite obviously, for somebody else to have used Oswald's gun that day. But doesn't just ordinary Occam's Razor-style logic tell us that it was PROBABLY the owner of that weapon who used it on ANY given occasion (including November 22, 1963)?

4.) Lee Harvey Oswald murdered a policeman less than one hour after JFK was killed right on the doorstep of Tippit's murderer's workplace. And Tippit's murderer was positively inside that workplace (the TSBD) at 12:30 PM when JFK was being shot.

5.) A witness puts Lee Oswald in the sniper's window with a gun, firing that gun toward JFK's car. This doesn't mean much to a lot of conspiracists either, but it should.

6.) Lee Oswald had no alibi at all that holds up under any kind of cross-checking scrutiny. This doesn't mean much to kooks of the CT persuasion either; but it, too, should. Because it's obvious that Oswald told some "alibi" lies after he was arrested for Tippit's murder. And does a completely innocent man need to lie as much as Lee Oswald did?

Doesn't any CTer wonder why Oswald lied so darn much during the two days he was in police custody? They had-oughta wonder (that is, if this guy named Oswald was nothing but a proverbial "patsy", as many CTers firmly believe was the case).

7.) Every last piece of ballistics evidence (guns, bullets, bullet shells, and bullet fragments) leads straight to one killer in both the JFK and Tippit killings. Guess who?

Don't conspiracy believers ever wonder HOW the amazing plotters pulled off this "All Oswald Bullets/Shells" feat if, in reality, additional guns were truly involved in injuring not just one, but TWO, separate victims on 11/22/63 (including Governor John Connally)? They should wonder that. (How often can conspiracy buffs fool themselves with the "Everything Was Planted And/Or Manipulated" whitewash?)

8.) Lee Oswald had a history of wanting to kill political figures, starting with General Edwin Walker in April of 1963 (which just happened to coincide perfectly with the timeline of Oswald receiving his Carcano rifle in the mail).

Don't CTers ever wonder about this "coincidence" either? They should. We KNOW Oswald took a potshot at Walker -- because he told us so (through his wife, Marina Oswald). Was Marina attempting to frame her own husband? Apparently some conspiracists think so.

In the final analysis.....

Any missed shot that was fired in Dealey Plaza shall forever remain just a guess, whether you're a Lone Assassin believer or a conspiracy believer. But does that mean the case is unsolvable? Or that a conspiracy MUST exist? No, it doesn't.

Everything of a HARD EVIDENCE nature leads to one conclusion, and only one -- i.e., Lee Harvey Oswald was performing a solo shooting act on 11/22/63.

The softer evidence, such as the forever debatable "missed shot(s)", shall always be soft, and as such shall always be focused on much more by conspiracy theorists than the stuff we know for certain -- such as Lee Harvey Oswald's proof-positive involvement in two different murders that November day in Dallas, Texas.

David Von Pein
September 2006
August 2017