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Many people out there have probably never seen the excellent CBS-TV 4-Part documentary series "The Warren Report" (originally shown on CBS in June 1967), but I've managed to acquire a copy of that program, and just recently [in 2006] I discovered a very interesting portion of that broadcast which relates to Governor John Connally's (seemingly) long-standing, unwavering belief that he and President Kennedy were struck by separate bullets in Dallas on November 22, 1963.

But Mr. Connally states without reservation within that 1967 "Warren Report" program that he thinks the Single-Bullet Theory just might be "possible".

Here are Connally's exact words from Part 2 of that CBS-TV special [also see video below]:

"The only way that I could ever reconcile my memory of what happened and what occurred, with respect to the One-Bullet Theory is .... it HAD to be the SECOND bullet that might have hit us both."

When the interviewer (who, btw, was Eddie Barker, who was part of the original 11/22/63 TV coverage for Dallas CBS affiliate KRLD-TV) then asked Connally the follow-up question of -- "Do you believe, Governor Connally, that the first bullet could have missed, the second one hit both of you, and the third one hit President Kennedy?"....Connally's immediate response was -- "That's possible. That's possible."

That scenario of the second gunshot equating to the "SBT" shot, which Governor Connally admitted back in '67 to having been "possible", also perfectly corresponds to other evidence in the case which bolsters the likelihood of the SBT being an absolute fact, including Mr. Connally's always unshakable stance, which is repeated again for the CBS cameras in that 1967 program, of -- "the first bullet did NOT hit me....the second bullet DID hit me."

Mr. Connally also provided this on-camera statement during that same '67 "Warren Report" special....

"All I can say, with any finality, if the Single-Bullet Theory IS correct, then it had to be the second bullet that hit President Kennedy and me."

Therefore, the above almost forgotten words spoken by Governor Connally should (IMO) forever erase the widely accepted erroneous idea that Mr. Connally never even once admitted that he thought the SBT could have possibly occurred that day in Dallas.


Upon digging up some older (circa 2001) newsgroup postings from various alt.jfk members, I came across this interesting thread, in which Jean Davison makes these remarks regarding Connally's non-SBT beliefs:

"Yes, Tony [Marsh], the SEPost [Saturday Evening Post] was quoting verbatim from a LIFE article of 11/26/66 [sic; Jean was off by just one day on the date; it was actually the 11/25/66 edition of LIFE Magazine; Click Here to read the Connally article], and Connally did indeed say there that he was certain he was hit by a separate bullet. He said this after viewing Z frames at LIFE's offices and deciding that he'd been hit in Z 234, which is of course after JFK was visibly reacting. However, he hasn't "ALWAYS" said this. He told the HSCA he didn't know when JFK was hit because he never saw him after the firing began." -- Jean Davison; July 25th, 2001

Now, what's rather interesting about the above comments, IMO, would be the date when Connally stated that he was "certain" he'd been hit by a separate bullet (November of 1966) -- which was months PRIOR to apparently doing a flip-flop (at least partially in his own mind) concerning the viability and "possibility" of the SBT. He told Eddie Barker and CBS-TV in mid-1967 the verbatim quotes I copied above, saying to the world that the Single-Bullet Theory was certainly not IMPOSSIBLE in his mind.

More of my thoughts regarding John Connally's and Nellie Connally's beliefs in association with the JFK assassination can be found in the various articles available at this link.


I believe Connally said much this same thing in his HSCA testimony. He said that he believed he was hit by the second shot and since the first shot hit Kennedy, he assumed that they were hit by separate shots... but if the first shot didn't hit Kennedy, well...

But if you read on, you'll see that he always ends up deferring to Nellie... well, Nellie says we were hit by separate shots, and she's the best witness I know, etc.

Unfortunately, neither Connally's testimony is completely reliable. What I find ironic is that so many Warren Commission defenders will quote Connally as if his testimony supports [Gerald] Posner, when it does anything but. Connally makes it quite clear that he heard the first shot when the limo was far past its position at Z-160. While he was open-minded about which shot hit him, he never waivered [sic] on where he was when he heard the first shot.


And just exactly how do the following [John] Connally remarks made to the Warren Commission in 1964 equate to Governor Connally hearing "the first shot when the limo was far past its position at Z-160"? ....

"We had--we had gone, I guess, 150 feet, maybe 200 feet, I don't recall how far it was, heading down to get on the freeway .... We had just made the turn, well, when I heard what I thought was a shot. I heard this noise which I immediately took to be a rifle shot. I instinctively turned to my right..." -- John B. Connally; April 21, 1964 [at 4 H 132]

There's a slight conflict within those two sentences spoken by Connally -- "We had gone 150-200 feet" ... and ... "We had just made the turn".

It boils down, I suppose, to precisely how many FEET travelled down Elm Mr. Connally equates to his comment "We had JUST made the turn..." (my emphasis).

But how do those words, in any fashion, negate the possibility of an early Z160 (approx.) gunshot? IMO, they do no such thing. They are ambiguous words at best. He's estimating things...."150 feet"; "200 feet"; "We just made the turn". None of those words refute the notion of an early Z160 shot.

Plus, the ONLY visible "turn to the right" made by Governor Connally occurs just 4 frames after Z160. Conspiracy theorists cannot explain this evidence in a "pro-conspiracy" manner (believably, that is). It's fairly obvious that Mr. Connally's "First-Shot" right turn begins at circa Z164 on the Zapruder Film, because there's NO OTHER TURN that could possibly account for a "1st-Shot Right Turn" on Mr. Connally's behalf during the entire assassination/shooting sequence, unless you want to believe, like some CTers do, that Connally made an ultra-fast "glance" over his right shoulder during the precise one-second timeframe when he was blocked from Mr. Zapruder's view while behind the Stemmons sign.

Per CTers, that signage sure helped out the conspirators a hell of a good bit -- it hid Connally's "1st-Shot Right Turn"; it hid the exact moment that JFK was first hit (which I agree in this instance...the sign DID technically do that); and, of course (per some conspiracists), the sign is hiding Kennedy's initial reaction to being hit by a bullet at circa Z190-Z200.

Even the Dallas Department Of Signage must have been in on the conspiracy, placing that sign in the perfect spot to hide the evidence of multiple gunmen on November 22nd.

Remarkable. ;)

David Von Pein
March 21, 2006
August 26, 2017