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Many people who are of the belief that a conspiracy was involved in taking the life of U.S. President John F. Kennedy in 1963 are also of the belief that a massive cover-up operation took place (and fully succeeded) following JFK's assassination. And, evidently, this "cover-up" must have been put in motion almost from the very minute President Kennedy was shot and killed in Dallas' Dealey Plaza.

Per some conspiracy theorists, the FBI, the U.S. Secret Service, and whoever else might have also been on the Conspiracy & Cover-Up Payroll (circa 1963) evidently dismantled the President's limousine almost immediately after the shooting, exclusively in order to hide bullet holes inside the car that were caused by frontal/"Grassy Knoll" gunshots; and most specifically to hide the obvious damage to the limo that was caused by a bullet that exited JFK's throat but did NOT enter fellow victim John Connally's back. No other reason for the car's being taken apart is ever considered by CTers, other than a "conspiratorial" one.*

* That's one of the many theories CTers have adopted over the years since JFK's murder; although, granted, it's not as popular a theory, because most conspiracists want to believe JFK's throat wound was caused by a frontal shot.

Anyway, per this "Limo Was Taken Apart To Conceal A Conspiracy" nonsense, it should occur to anyone who thinks this through for a few moments (using a little bit of common sense) just how silly and magical some of this "cover-up" junk sounds, when it's based on the limited timeframe that such hocus-pocus would have needed to have been performed within.

That is to say, it seems that not only did the plot to frame Book Depository employee Lee Harvey Oswald cover multiple agencies within law enforcement (FBI, Secret Service, Dallas Police), but it would seem that these plotters had some magical built-in ability to know with 100% certainty when to plant the proper "Oswald's Guilty" evidence (like bullet CE399's "planting" in the hospital at a seemingly silly and potentially plot-exposing time, prior to anyone having detailed knowledge of where all the bullets were located in association with the shooting victims).


These plotters also had the remarkable ability to know for certain (within hours of the shooting) exactly what evidence needed to be covered up, what bullets were unwanted in this "plot", etc. -- even to the point of knowing what OSWALD-INCRIMINATING EVIDENCE to discard and sweep under the rug -- e.g.: any bullet that would have definitely been fired from behind from (possibly) the Oswald gun AND any limo damage that would have resulted from any "Oswald" shots.

Therefore, per many theorists, the authorities have in their hands multiple bullets that came from REAR SHOOTERS (Oswald?), but they decide to destroy that evidence that would probably AID their goal of framing the "Patsy" (e.g.: evidence such as the "real" Connally back-wound bullet and, as mentioned, per some CTers, the "real" bullet that went cleanly through JFK's back and neck).

Did these plotters have ESP abilities? Could they see into the future? Did they know on 11/22/63 itself—a mere hours after the shooting and before much of anything was known about the details of the shooting scenario and timing—that researchers would, years later, be able to scrutinize the evidence to death via the Zapruder Film, and thereby prove that Oswald couldn't have fired two separate shots into the backs of both JFK and Governor Connally in the given timespan allotted him?

Those must have been some amazingly prescient, crystal-ball-gazing plotters indeed.

Which is, in my opinion, just one more reason to know that conspiracy theorists only have looked at the Kennedy assassination through Post-November 22 eyeballs, never taking into account the subtleties, implausibilities, and incongruities of the stuff they actually believe took place in 1963.

Footnote --- And keep in mind that even the Warren Commission, months after the assassination, was still contemplating and assessing the exact shooting scenario (i.e., which bullets hit who; and when; etc.), with the Commission even considering for a brief time the idea that all three bullets did hit a limo occupant....which, in my view, is utter silliness for the WC to have believed for even one minute. Why? Because the autopsy report should have told the Commission right off the bat that such a "3 Shots & 3 Hits" scenario was impossible by these words printed right there in the Official Autopsy Report:

"The missile contused the strap muscles of the right side of the neck [of President Kennedy], damaged the trachea, AND MADE ITS EXIT THROUGH THE ANTERIOR SURFACE OF THE NECK." (Emphasis mine.)

Therefore, the Warren Commission panel should have known from the get-go that a bullet came out of JFK's neck and went ... SOMEWHERE. This, despite the fact that the initial December 9, 1963, FBI report on the assassination did state that each of the three bullets from Oswald's rifle struck a victim in the limousine.

But, via the Warren Commission testimony of the FBI's Robert Frazier regarding no limo damage to the seats of the car where there WOULD have been damage if that mid-air bullet had NOT continued into a human being, the WC should have known that the Single-Bullet Theory was the truth from practically Day 1 of the Commission's existence, notwithstanding the early FBI report which contradicted that fairly obvious conclusion.

It seems to me, then, that the Warren Commission was working in kind of an inside-out fashion. If they had examined the autopsy report FIRST (and why didn't they do this?), they could easily see that the transiting bullet that went completely through President Kennedy either caused limo damage (which it didn't) or went into the body of a person sitting in front of Kennedy in the vehicle (Texas Governor John Connally).

Why on Earth the Commission ever, for even a moment, thought that all three shots from Oswald's rifle hit a victim is something I've never been able to fully comprehend.

But at least, in the end, the Warren Commission got it right -- Three shots; One miss; Two bullets striking victims; One assassin named Lee Harvey Oswald. That is the only conceivable conclusion to reach given the physical evidence in the John F. Kennedy murder case.

David Von Pein
March 2006