(PART 1210)


I'm 100% convinced that there are saner people than you locked away.


I guess that must mean that I share a padded cell with Vincent Bugliosi, Dale Myers, John McAdams, Gerald Posner, Dave Reitzes, Larry Sturdivan, Jean Davison, Jim Moore, the Warren Commission, the HSCA, and many other "LNers" who hold the same opinion I hold about Lee Harvey Oswald's guilt in JFK's murder. Right, Lee?

Boy, it sure is crowded here at the insane asylum.


Will you please "prove" the speculation in the points I have made?


Every single one of the points you made is nothing BUT speculation [as Farley attempts to "connect" the assassination of JFK in Dallas to the Chicago incident involving Thomas Vallee in early November of 1963].

Let's review your points:

"Point 1. The first connection is that there was a plot to assassinate the president. Pretty basic connection you've missed there."

No. It's not a "pretty basic connection" at all. And that's because you haven't proven that "Oswald/Dallas" was a "conspiracy" plot at all (i.e., a plot involving more than just Lee Harvey Oswald).

That's your first big mistake right there. You think that a conspiracy has been PROVEN in the Oswald/Dallas case. But it hasn't. Not even close, in fact. To this day, there is still not one SOLID piece of evidence that connects the assassination of JFK to anyone but Lee H. Oswald.

And that's because Oswald acted on his own on 11/22/63, and every single piece of physical evidence indicates that lone assassin fact, plus every single thing Oswald did and said (and lied about!) on Nov. 21 and Nov. 22 indicates that lone assassin fact as well.

"Point 2. The second connection is it was covered up. The American public didn't hear much about it. Probably wasn't that important eh, Dave?"

The President's life is threatened on a regular basis. And JFK was no different. There are unquestionably many, many threats made against various Presidents that the public is never made aware of.

The Chicago threat by Thomas Vallee was a bit different (and certainly more serious) due to the fact that Vallee was caught with a large amount of weapons and ammunition in his car and in his apartment on the very day that JFK was scheduled to visit Chicago (November 2, 1963). This resulted in the President's trip being cancelled, because the Secret Service and other authorities had no way of knowing whether Vallee might have had any accomplices.

"Point 3. Thomas Arthur Vallee was stationed at Atsugi. Big CIA recruitment centre from what I hear. Have you heard?"

You're now implying that Thomas Vallee was connected to the "CIA" via Atsugi, which is more pure speculation, of course.

"Point 4. The plot was designed to patsify TAV [Thomas Arthur Vallee] while the assassination was going to be executed by others unknown. Get it?"

More pure speculation, of course. You have absolutely no PROOF of anything you've said in Point 4.

And your next hunk of speculation is....

"Point 5. No one knows what happened to the men who were arrested. Do you?"

Hilarious, Lee. Something that "no one knows" about is considered PROOF of a tie-in between Chicago and Dallas.

You're a speculation-filled howl, Mr. Farley.

"Point 6. Abraham Bolden's life was ruined in the most disgusting manner for attempting to speak out. Sound familiar?"

No. Not really.

Who else had their lives "ruined" by attempting to speak out about conspiracy regarding the JFK assassination? Are you referring to people like S.M. Holland? Or Jean Hill? Was Jean's life "ruined" by her book deal in 1992 and her association with Oliver Stone?

Or maybe you mean Jim Garrison. Was Jim's life "ruined" after he prosecuted an innocent man for conspiracy to kill JFK? Hardly.

The life of Garrison's "patsy", Clay Shaw, was certainly ruined, however. That's for sure. But Garrison was re-elected as New Orleans District Attorney by the largest margin ever. And Jim then went on to be elected twice as a judge.

Or maybe you're referring to Lee Bowers, who was killed in a car crash in August of 1966, AFTER he had already spilled his guts to Mark Lane ON CAMERA for Lane's film "Rush To Judgment".

So, it's just like I said, Lee -- You've got nothing but speculation on your pathetic list of half-a-dozen items above. And the very first item on your list pretty much makes all five of the other points completely moot right off the bat--because you can't even prove the case for conspiracy in the Dallas/Oswald shooting.

Well, I'll go back to my insane asylum now. I've got a date to play checkers with Bugliosi through the bars of our adjoining padded cells.

David Von Pein
September 5, 2010