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Upon looking at the free sample of text from Barry Krusch's book "Impossible: The Case Against Lee Harvey Oswald: Volume One", I can already see a pretty major error (regarding the TSBD boxes that Barry points out in the book's Foreword).

Barry asks:

"Why are these boxes in different positions [in Commission Exhibits 733 and 509]? Did anyone at the Warren Commission notice?"

Well, the answer is: Yes, of course somebody at the WC noticed, and all of the information about the movement of those boxes fully comes out in the Warren Commission testimony of the DPD's Robert Studebaker (beginning at 7 H 141):

Mr. BALL. Now, I will show you another picture which we will mark as
"Exhibit D," [which is the same exact picture that is seen in CE509]
was that taken by you?


Mr. BALL. Does that show the position of the boxes before or after
they were moved?

Mr. STUDEBAKER. That's after they were dusted -- there's fingerprint
dust on every box.

Mr. BALL. And they were not in that position then when you first saw



So, neither the Warren Commission nor the DPD (Studebaker) were trying to pass off CE509 (aka Studebaker Exhibit D) as a photo depicting the Sniper's Nest boxes as they were first found by the police on 11/22/63.

Quite the contrary, in fact. Studebaker was very honest and forthright about the photos that were taken after the boxes had been moved, and he openly told the Warren Commission that CE509/Studebaker D is a picture that was taken AFTER the boxes had been moved and that that photo did not represent the configuration of the boxes when they were first discovered by police, with Studebaker also noting the fingerprint dust all over the boxes.

Now, I haven't the slightest idea why the Dallas Police Department felt it was necessary to photograph the boxes in different positions after they had been dusted and moved around. I'm still scratching my head about why those photos were needed at all, but the fact is they were taken--and the DPD told the truth about them. They didn't hide the fact that some pictures were taken after the boxes had been moved and dusted for prints.

And when looking at the photo of CE509, it couldn't be more obvious that the DPD wasn't even attempting to perfectly re-create the position of the boxes in the Sniper's Nest, because they didn't even place a box back on the window ledge for CE509. Instead, they stacked the "windowsill" box on top of the other two boxes.

And, btw, the other picture that Barry pointed out (CE733; aka Studebaker Exhibit J) is ALSO a picture that was taken after the boxes were moved--and that fact also comes out in Studebaker's WC testimony, at 7 H 147:

Mr. BALL. The picture of the boxes; this is after they were moved?

Mr. STUDEBAKER. Yes, sir; they were moved there. This is exactly the
position they were in.

Mr. BALL. It is?

Mr. STUDEBAKER. Yes - not - this was after they were moved, but I put
them in the same exact position.

Mr. BALL. Were they that close - that was about the position?


Mr. BALL. Let's take one of these pictures and mark it the next
number, which will be "Exhibit J."

Mr. BALL. After the boxes of Rolling Readers had been moved, you put
them in the same position?


Mr. BALL. And took a picture?

Mr. STUDEBAKER. Yes, sir.

Mr. BALL. And this is Exhibit J, is it, is that right?

Mr. STUDEBAKER. Exhibit J, yes, sir.


So I'm wondering why any conspiracist would look at CE509 and CE733 and still think the DPD was trying to pull the wool over anybody's eyes -- particularly with Studebaker's very own truthful testimony about those boxes staring them in the face at 7 H 141 and 7 H 147?

Didn't you bother to even read Bob Studebaker's WC testimony, Barry? Apparently you didn't, otherwise you would have never written these words in your book: "Why are these boxes in different positions? Did anyone at the Warren Commission notice?"

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David Von Pein
April 13, 2012