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My interest in the case transcends "whodunnit" and extends to how was it investigated and did the government LIE. The answer is clearly YES, we were lied to, over and over.


You're not being fair to Specter, Shaneyfelt, Kelley, et al. You think they lied. They didn't, of course. And the reason I am sure they never lied about anything in this case is quite simple:

They didn't NEED to lie to convict Lee Harvey Oswald.

And that's because everything Oswald did and said reeks with his (double) guilt. Everything.

As far as Thomas J. Kelley's "six inch" measurement regarding the jump seat -- even you, Pat, admitted in 2008 that regardless of exactly where that jump seat was located (whether it be 6 inches or 2.5 inches inboard), John Connally would STILL have been hit by any bullet coming out of JFK's throat.

And since there's no other reasonable and rational conclusion to reach other than to conclude that a bullet DID exit JFK's throat, and since we know that Connally was struck in the upper back by only ONE bullet (not two) -- then do the math. It's not too hard.

My thoughts regarding Kelley's "6 inches" testimony:

I think BOTH Kelley and the Hess & Eisenhardt schematic are correct. And that's because Kelley's measurement must have been taken from a slightly different place on the car than was the H&E measurement for the jump seat location.

Do you really think Kelley just MADE UP his six-inch figure? I don't. I think that measurement must have been different because they were measuring from a different starting point. Or, perhaps the "finishing point" was different than H&E's.

And as for Shaneyfelt and Specter deliberately lying about the back-wound location, you're being way too harsh on those men....mainly because we KNOW that some things had to be approximated as far as the SBT trajectory analysis is concerned. And the word "approximately" is used in Shaneyfelt's testimony 24 different times when they get to the subject of the SBT and the 5/24/64 re-enactment in Dealey Plaza. 24 times!

So, many things are only the BEST GUESSES of people like Shaneyfelt and Robert Frazier, et al, when dealing with the subject of the Single-Bullet Theory and the precise positioning of the two victims, etc.

Plus, the Warren Commission's whole SBT scenario was based on an AVERAGE (or approximate) positioning of the limo between a 16-frame range of Zapruder Film frames (Z210-Z225). They merely split the difference and used, in essence, Z217.5 as their SBT frame, which is exactly what we see in Commission Exhibit 903, which is an exhibit that thoroughly demolishes the idea that the Warren Commission needed to move the wound in JFK's upper back into his neck, because it's obvious that the wound on the JFK stand-in is far below the neck. For some reason, however, CTers refuse to acknowledge this fact.

To reiterate an important point:

The Warren Commission didn't lie because they just flat-out had no reason to lie. And that's because Lee Harvey Oswald, by himself, really did kill President Kennedy and Officer Tippit. And Oswald's own actions, plus all of the physical evidence he left behind, proves that he was guilty. And that fact was proven many days before there ever was a "Warren Commission", as illustrated by Henry Wade in the 11/24/63 news conference below.

David Von Pein
April 12, 2012