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Rafael Cruz Was NOT Oswald’s Buddy....

Typically, when the National Enquirer runs a political exposé, most professional journalists yawn and move on to the next tabloid in the airport kiosk, if they see it at all. Disturbingly, a recent article by the rag that is famous for front pages that blare out “Hillary’s Brain Cancer Drama!,” “Michael Douglas Gay Shocker!,” “Michael Jackson Murdered!,” “Bigfoot Found!,” “Adam and Eve Were Astronauts!,” and “Cosby Had Son Murdered!” has actually gotten traction both in the mainstream press, and with at least one presumptive major party presidential candidate. This time the subject is that go-to conspiracy magnet, the Kennedy assassination.

I suppose that the Lantana brain trust has reversed its previous conclusions that “JFK Was Killed by a Russian Agent!” or “CIA Boss Planned JFK Assassination!” or “LBJ Arranged JFK’s Assassination!” and “Nixon Linked to JFK’s Assassination!,” because now they’ve solved the case still again: “Ted Cruz Father Linked To JFK Assassination!”

Welcome to the club, Rafael Cruz.

The whole rat’s nest rests on [the] opinion...that an August 16, 1963 photo [below] shows assassin Lee Harvey Oswald handing out pro-Castro fliers with Rafael Cruz in New Orleans.

One would assume that the Fourth Estate would make mincemeat out of what Vince Bugliosi used to call “sublime silliness.” A due diligence approach would, of course, include contacting Pastor Rafael for his opinion, as well as reputable photo forensic experts. But the recent coverage in syndicated dailies and national cable networks defy all journalistic logic, informing their audiences that there are actually two sides to this story—there aren’t (unless, of course, one is of the school that there are two sides the earth-is-round story, or the gravity-is-real story).

Instead of employing methods taught in Journalism 101, the articles are middle-of-the-road, referring readers, with absolutely no critique, to the Enquirer’s sources and corroborators, one such piece actually giving the final word to that unimpeachable historian Donald Trump (whom the cited article fails to point out is very chummy with the Enquirer), who bloviates in a “declaration”:
“In this instance, we believe American voters have a right to know the truth about the Cruz family.”

End of story.

For those who smell a rat, please read on [HERE].


It is a sad state in which we find ourselves when one of the best investigative writers I've ever seen goes to great lengths to debunk what any reasonably intelligent person would see as unadulterated Bravo Sierra. My good friend Gus [Russo] is fighting an uphill battle against an atmosphere of acceptance and "Idiocracy" that has soaked through the fabric of our society like rat urine in raw cotton.


And something very important needs to be added to Gus Russo's article above....

In the extremely unlikely event that the man passing out leaflets with Lee Oswald IS Rafael Cruz, how on Earth would that link him to President Kennedy's death in Dallas three months later?

Do conspiracy theorists think that everyone who came in contact with Lee Harvey Oswald was somehow part of a plot to murder the President in 1963? Where's the evidence to even hint at a possible "Cruz/Oswald" partnership in the assassination? Where? Tea leaves? Tarot cards?

Oh, yes, I forgot. It was in The National Enquirer. I guess that's more than enough proof for some people.


Do you have a video of the complete New Orleans WDSU-TV footage of Oswald handing out pamphlets?


It's not entirely "complete", but the video below has three different excerpts of Oswald handing out leaflets (beginning at 8:20), including a fairly clear clip of the person alleged to be Rafael Cruz (starting at 22:41):


Republican Presidential candidate Ted Cruz responded to the allegations concerning his father on May 3, 2016 (audio below):


Roger Stone: Cruz Dropped Out Because Of JFK Revelation ----> CLICK HERE.


What a load of tosh.


Plumlee, you mean?? :)

But you're so right, Kathy. Watching an Alex Jones/Roger Stone lovefest is enough to make you lose your lunch real fast.

And the "Judyth Baker knew Rafael Cruz well" quote was the topper!

Of course, Roger! Judy knew everybody! She probably played ping-pong and baseball with Castro too!

"Just how does Judyth [Baker] say she came by her knowledge? She claims she either personally met conspiracy icons like Jack Ruby, David Ferrie, Carlos Marcello, Clay Shaw, Guy Banister, et cetera, or Lee told her about them during pillow talk. So the remarkable 20-year-old, in just a few months, had more contact in New Orleans with the leading figures of conspiracy lore than perhaps any other known figure in the conspiracy community. I, for one, find this to be perfectly reasonable. .... Judyth claims the National Enquirer offered her $600,000 for her story (an amount the publisher might offer if Jesus returned and his agent promised an exclusive), but Judyth apparently wasn't interested. Only British producer Nigel Turner, who has made a fortune peddling phony stories, gave Judyth national exposure, devoting a full segment to her on his television show 'The Men Who Killed Kennedy'." -- Vincent Bugliosi

BTW, nowhere in that Roger Stone video linked above does Stone say that he thinks Ted Cruz dropped out of the 2016 Presidential race because of "the JFK revelation". He says nothing of the kind in that short video clip. So the title of that video at Alex Jones' YouTube channel [which is a channel that was terminated by YouTube in 2018] is inaccurate and entirely misleading.

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