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John Armstrong does a masterful job, IMO, of poking holes in the U.S. Government's story about Oswald's buying the rifle.

So much so, based on documents not mere opinions, that he undermines the entire U.S. Government version of the assassination.

Think about it. Armstrong argues convincingly that the FBI fabricated various reports. Furthermore, the facts that the FBI "lost" the Klein's microfilm and the PMO defy belief.


Also, where is the stub?

​You know, the one that Mr. Holmes said he found?


The original Klein's microfilm, after being photographed by the authorities, could very well have been returned to Klein's. It probably contained a lot of other information about the various orders Klein's had processed at the same time they processed Oswald's rifle order, and therefore the whole microfilm was likely returned to the possession of its owner--Klein's Sporting Goods. It had served its purpose. The FBI and/or Warren Commission had taken photos of all documents that were on the microfilm which pertained to Oswald and the JFK case. So what purpose would be served by retaining the entire roll of microfilm?


How do we really KNOW for a fact that these "missing" items are truly MISSING from the National Archives? We all know it's like pulling teeth from a grizzly bear to get permission to see any of the "original" items that are in the National Archives. So I'm just wondering if (just perhaps) some of those "missing" items (like the original money order and the stub) could still be buried somewhere in one of the N.A. buildings someplace (or elsewhere). How can we KNOW for sure they're really missing? ~shrug~


The first paragraph is an assumption. Which is what Davey specializes in.

The second is the same. But it's even worse.

If something has not turned up in over fifty years, then it's a safe bet to say it's not there. Especially when certain people--not Davey, who has never been there in his life--have been to NARA and asked for it.

Maybe we should wait another fifty years for it to show up?

Which means we will all be dead and Davey will have won his argument.



I want to believe you are honest.

I know about advocates.

You are an advocate.

Based on what you see, and I mean see clearly, do you believe beyond a reasonable doubt LHO killed JFK? If so, why?


Absolutely. Oswald killed Kennedy. And Tippit too. And he shot at Walker too. Without doubt---IMO.

I think, Jon, that if you examine just Oswald's own actions on the dates of Nov. 21 and Nov. 22, without even venturing into the area of the "physical evidence" or the eyewitnesses, a good case can be made for Oswald's guilt in both the JFK and Tippit murders.

And when you then ADD IN all the physical evidence (plus the eyewitnesses on both Elm Street and 10th Street), a definite pattern emerges quite clearly.

You can speculate that all of that physical evidence was fake or forged to frame LHO, but how can you fake someone's own actions and movements?

Oswald, in essence, signed his name to the murders of Kennedy and Tippit by acting so incredibly guilty. And we don't need ANY "authorities" (FBI, DPD, Warren Commission, etc.) to know without a doubt that Lee Harvey Oswald was acting guilty on 11/22/63.

Don't you agree with that last sentence, Jon?

David Von Pein
February 21, 2016