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Re: John Connally And His Right Wrist....

Something just occurred to me today (August 11, 2011) that I don't think I have ever seen discussed in the past regarding Governor Connally and his wrist injury.

Here's a question I have for conspiracy theorists who don't believe that John Connally was shot in the wrist as early as approximately Zapruder frame #224:

If Connally hasn't been shot through the wrist just a split-second prior to the time when we can see him jerk his right arm upward starting at Z226, then where on the Z-Film DOES Connally show signs of having been shot with a bullet through his right wrist?

Yes, I know that Governor Connally said that he didn't even realize he had been shot in the wrist at all until the next day in the hospital, but if conspiracy theorists want to use Connally's memory of this event as a guide, I think that's a weak argument, and that's because even though Connally had no memory of being hit in the wrist, his involuntary reactions to the wrist injury are almost certainly going to show up SOMEWHERE in Mr. Zapruder's home movie.

In other words, Mr. Connally can't control his INVOLUNTARY movements after he had just been struck by a bullet.

Upon looking for signs of any other type of "jerky" or sudden movements of John Connally's right arm AFTER approximately Z226-Z230, I can see no signs whatsoever of the Governor reacting (involuntarily) to the bullet that struck his right wrist.

Conspiracists can, of course, tell me I'm all wet and that I don't know what the hell I'm talking about when it comes to "voluntary" vs. "involuntary" type of reactions to external stimulus, etc., but I think my question is still a pretty good one -- because if a man's arm/wrist has just suffered severe damage due to a rifle bullet smashing into it, I would certainly think that we would see evidence of such "jerky" or awkward movements of that damaged arm/wrist on the Zapruder Film.

And, in fact, that's just exactly what we ARE seeing in the Z-Film, starting at Z226, when Governor Connally's right arm suddenly flies into the air and then back down again in the short space of just a few Z-Film frames.

And this jerky movement of the SAME RIGHT ARM that was struck by a rifle bullet on 11/22/63 is, in my opinion, one of the best pieces of Z-Film evidence that we have to indicate that Mr. Connally was hit by THE ONLY BULLET THAT HIT HIM just a split-second prior to Z226:

Many conspiracists, however, firmly believe that Connally wasn't struck by a bullet until several Z-frames later, at around Z236 or Z238 or so. These CTers always completely ignore the earlier Z224-Z230 signs on the film of Connally having been hit, with these conspiracy theorists opting instead to believe that Connally's "puffed cheeks" at about Z238 is the best indicator of Connally having been hit in the Z230s.

But, again, WHERE is the movement of Connally's right arm in the Z230s that would indicate that his wrist had just been struck by a bullet? ....

Or do the anti-SBT conspiracists want to believe that Connally would have had NO INVOLUNTARY REACTION whatsoever to his right wrist having just been smashed by a rifle bullet?

Well, I suppose the CTers can make that argument. But I'm a little bit dubious about accepting such a "no reaction" explanation -- especially when we DO find a "wrist reaction" elsewhere on the very same Zapruder Film, at Z226.

I guess the CTers could also argue that Connally was hit in the wrist during the one or two frames when he was hidden by a street light pole at Z270. Or maybe he was hit in the wrist as late as the Z280s when Connally's right arm completely disappears from view in the Zapruder Film.

But when faced with Mr. Connally's sudden and jerky movement of his right arm at Z226, I think the above arguments that could be made by conspiracy theorists look very silly.

David Von Pein
August 11, 2011