(PART 1083)


The Warren Commission's Single-Bullet Theory is so obviously true, we shouldn't even have to debate it anymore.

But then we have conspiracy theorists like Jim DiEugenio who go on Internet radio week after week and spout exactly the opposite -- with Jimbo claiming that the SBT is such a farce and such a misguided lie invented by the WC that we shouldn't even BEGIN to believe that one bullet struck both limo victims at this point in time in the year 2011.

DiEugenio feels that so much "new" stuff has been unearthed since 1963 that everybody should realize that the SBT is not only wrong as a theory--but it's been PROVEN DEAD WRONG by the so-called "facts" brought forth by the conspiracy theorists since '63.

Of course, exactly what "facts" Jim is talking about, I have never been able to fully figure out. Because the bottom-line FACTS of the Single-Bullet Theory are still there, and still in place for everyone to evaluate.

It's not like some conspiracy theorist in Montana somewhere suddenly discovered proof that Governor Connally really was sitting in a totally different place in the limousine when he was shot, shooting down the workability of the SBT. No "new" breakthrough revelation like that has occurred since 1963, and people like James DiEugenio surely know this to be true.

And I've never quite understood just WHY so many conspiracy believers hate the Single-Bullet Theory so much. For, even if they were to accept the SBT as a fact (which it certainly is, given the totality of the evidence in the case), those same conspiracists could still scream "conspiracy" from their orange crates. They could still pretend that JFK was shot in the head from the Grassy Knoll (which they all do--save Pat Speer, God bless him).

But most conspiracists seem to want it all. They seem to want that make-believe Knoll gunman to exist AND they also want the SBT to be a myth and a lie. Again--I wonder why the CTers need to have BOTH of those things in their corner in order for them to be happy and content?

Anyway, I amply demonstrate at my Single-Bullet Theory website HERE (with some help from Jean Davison, who opened my eyes even wider in 2007) that the SBT is quite obviously the best explanation for the double-man wounding of John Kennedy and John Connally.

David Von Pein
March 31, 2011