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It is my informed opinion that promoters of the SBT and the lone assassin theory are wrong and/or spreading disinformation. I have a right to express said opinion. It is not defamation since the possibility that I’m right is very real, if not likely.

For the Warren Commission stated the following, which we now know leaves more room for doubt based on the controlled flow of information & limited resolve to investigate the truth in favour of a politically-expedient solution....

“Because of the difficulty of proving negatives to a certainty[,] the possibility of others being involved with either Oswald or Ruby cannot be established categorically, but if there is any such evidence it has been beyond the reach of all the investigative agencies and resources of the United States and has not come to the attention of this Commission.” (Ch. 1, p. 22)

However, we can hope to agree to disagree, and not be subject to vitriolic attacks a la the late Vincent Bugliosi. (I would’ve loved to have heard him speak, and yes, I’d have a beer with McAdams, Holland and my FB [Facebook] friend DVP).



Thanks David!


I still haven’t seen anyone cite a specific example of “disinformation” on this site — or even anything that is provably false (misinformation), much less “intentionally” false (disinformation).

The SBT is not an example of either, since that theory has been accepted as a plausible and/or probable theory by several panels of experts. The HSCA accepted the SBT, e.g.

After 50 years there is still no alternative to the SBT that is generally accepted by most WC critics. There is no agreement on how many gunmen, their locations or identities, the weapons used, number of shots, trajectories, or anything else. If the evidence really showed there was some other explanation, why should that be?


All of what you said, Jean, doesn’t show us that LHO was the lone shooter (and I know you aren’t saying he was).

It would have been nice for the WC if they had all the information they needed to make their report, but Hoover made sure they didn’t get it all. Some FBI, I say.


With all due respect Jean, are you kidding?

The WCR is disinformation. It’s a white wash.

Even in its most benign sense, it is still disinformation if based on LBJ’s warning that millions of Americans would die in a nuclear war.

Politics and uncooperative agencies still prevented the HSCA from being a full-fledged investigation, and the SBT managed to survive but now dependent on a 4 inch change in an entry wound and re-positioning of JFK that doesn’t correspond to the photographic record. Not much solace in that.

After 50 years, there IS an alternative to the SBT that is virtually accepted by WC critics – IT DIDN’T HAPPEN.

What we do know is that there is a range of possible scenarios that are alternative but not cumulative (as lone nutters like to exaggerate), with some probable overlap.


Right, that’s exactly what the critics have been saying for 50 years, “The SBT didn’t happen!” Okay, then, WC critics, if that’s not how the shooting went down, what *did* happen? Use the same evidence the WC and HSCA had and come up with a better reconstruction. That has never happened, and there’s a darn good reason why.


Let’s assume, for the sake of argument, that Oswald did not do it. Is it really surprising that we can’t agree on how many gunmen there were, what kind of weapons they used, and where they were firing from? At this point, JFK’s actual assassins, whoever they were, have a 52-year head-start.

Many of us believe that the existing evidence is not sufficient to convict Oswald of this crime. We don’t have to solve the case in order to rule out his role as one of the gunmen.


The problem is that, on specific issues, there is a finite set of possibilities.

Don’t believe the SBT? What is the alternative? That JFK was hit in the throat from the front? That he was hit in the torso by two bullets?

If you don’t believe the SBT, you need to show that an alternative is more plausible.


Any alternative theory that must replace the SBT would be a theory that is replete with far more guesswork and unexplainable occurrences than the Single-Bullet Theory possesses....



The very premise expressed here by Von Pien [sic] is untenable.

It is not “theory” we attend to here, it is the data and rationally analyzing such data to form facts.

The facts surrounding the so-called Magic Bullet prove that it is a fantasy tale contrived for political purpose, not an attempt at finding the truth.


So what REALLY happened, Whitten? You must think TWO bullets entered opposite sides of JFK’s body and NEITHER exited—and NEITHER was found. Correct?

So you’ve got TWO “magic” bullets—not just one.

And you think THAT double-vanishing-bullet theory is MORE reasonable than is the SBT?

It’s silly beyond belief (or tolerance).


No Von Pien [sic], just two fragmenting bullets. Not magic at all. It is your fairytale of a Single Bullet Theory that claims the magic.

You may go back into trance now.


Yeah, right, Whitten. TWO fragmenting bullets that don’t leave a single trace behind. Not a fragment! What utter nonsense you embrace, while totally dissing what obviously did happen—i.e., a single bullet passed through the two known wounds in JFK’s upper body.

And then you’ve got to pretend a THIRD bullet entered Governor Connally. And Connally, coincidentally, was ALSO struck in his UPPER BACK—which is an entry location that lines up nicely when extended in a straight line from the TWO wounds suffered by the man who just happened to be sitting almost directly behind Mr. Connally.

And, of course, the Zapruder Film positively buttresses the SBT, regardless of the incredibly silly protestations belched forth by CTers like James R. Gordon (and many others) in the lengthy battle archived here.

In summary —

There is NOTHING on the table currently that debunks the Single-Bullet Theory. Every single thing, from the Z-Film — to the lining up of the THREE wounds (including the entry hole in John B. Connally’s upper back) — to the lack of bullets inside JFK — to the lack of fragments inside JFK — all support the SBT.

And even a later bullet test, done in 1992 by Dr. Martin Fackler for the ABA mock trial [test bullet shown below], indicates that the condition of Stretcher Bullet CE399 is just about identical to the condition we’d expect to find it in AFTER a bullet has been slowed down enough (before striking a wrist bone) so that the bullet would not suffer any great damage at all — which is precisely what happened via the SBT scenario.

LNers have lots of facts and re-creations and the Z-Film.

Conspiracy theorists, on the other hand, have to pretend that TWO bullets entered President Kennedy, and then BOTH of those bullets fragmented into nothingness (which is hilarious), and then a THIRD bullet entered Connally at virtually the exact same time that both of the “Magic Vaporizing Missiles” entered JFK’s body.

I’d be turning red as a beet if I were the one purporting such utter crap.


Connally was hit no less than three seconds after Kennedy, which is hardly “virtually the exact same time”.

The first bullet that entered Kennedy’s throat was an instant before the limo took Kennedy behind the freeway sign.

The bullet that hit Kennedy in the back was likely just before the head hit.

The bullet that hit Connally was likely almost the same moment [that] Kennedy was hit in the head.



And all of that flinching and twitching and shrugging of the shoulders and hat-raising and grimacing and mouth-opening and hair dishevelment on the part of John B. Connally just after Z224 was apparently just a MIRAGE!

Nice job, Whitten. You couldn’t have possibly misinterpreted and mangled what you see in the Zapruder home movie any better if you tried. Congrats!

David Von Pein
December 7-13, 2015