(PART 1076)


Now, you know all the issues regarding the autopsy -- I ask again: are you completely satisfied with the autopsy and its findings?


Yes. I am.

That's not to say the autopsy was perfect. Hardly.

The biggest and most stupid mistake, IMO, made at the autopsy was when Dr. Humes refused to call Parkland Hospital in Dallas WHILE JFK WAS STILL IN THE MORGUE. Instead, even though he says he suspected the trach masked a bullet hole, he waited until 10 AM the next morning to call Dr. Perry at Parkland. (I guess Humes was worried he would interrupt Perry's slumber or something by calling late on Friday night. Just silly.)

But the final autopsy results are positively accurate.

How can we be absolutely sure of this?


Because the photographs and X-rays that were taken of President Kennedy's body at his autopsy "had not been altered in any manner" [7 HSCA 41].

And a major reason the HSCA's photographic panel was able to arrive at that definitive "HAD NOT BEEN ALTERED" conclusion was because the autopsy photographs and X-rays were authenticated via the use of "stereo pairing" of the pictures. And all experts agree: it would be virtually impossible for anyone to fake a series of photographs that currently corroborate EACH OTHER by way of stereoscopic pairing.

Therefore, even if some autopsy pictures (or X-rays) are, indeed, missing from the current inventory of photos, the "stereo" pairing of the pictures we currently DO have prove for all time that any "missing" photos cannot possibly show something completely DIFFERENT than the current stereo pairs show. It's simply impossible for that to happen.

And what do these stereo pairs of autopsy photos tell us?:

Answer: They tell us that President Kennedy was shot TWO times and only two times, with both shots coming from ABOVE AND BEHIND the President.


We, of course, could argue from now until the 100th anniversary of JFK's death about the validity of the Single-Bullet Theory. I have presented scads of common-sense views regarding my thoughts on that controversial subject. In my view, the SBT is a rock-solid, provable fact. All conspiracy theorists disagree, and likely always will. So be it.

But I'd like an anti-SBT theorist to answer this logical question for me:

If the SBT is a total crock of feces, how likely then do you suppose it would be for BOTH President Kennedy AND Governor Connally to have been shot with rifle bullets in their UPPER BACKS at just about the exact same point in time in Dealey Plaza (as they, of course, were), and then to have NO BULLETS WHATSOEVER show up in their respective bodies right after this shooting event?

And if we're to believe James Fetzer's line of insanity, there are at least FOUR bullets that go completely AWOL right after the assassination (and possibly even FIVE, because Fetzer has postulated that Connally was hit at least TWICE and perhaps by as many as THREE bullets), with all of these bullets magically vanishing off the Earth immediately. (And keep in mind that Connally couldn't be whisked away from the hospital by evil forces for a "covert" autopsy someplace, because Connally did not die from his wounds. So he stayed in the care of the doctors at Parkland Hospital.)

Arlen Specter was right, and he utilized a good deal of ordinary common sense when considering this matter too, when he once said that the main thing (above all others) that convinced him, in the end, that the Single-Bullet Theory was true was the LACK OF BULLETS being found in JFK's body. Hence, the bullet that struck Kennedy in the back travelled completely through him and then it went on to hit the only thing it could have possibly hit (given the seating arrangement of the SS-100-X limousine) -- it hit the upper back of Governor John B. Connally Jr.

It's so simple it's almost embarrassing to have to point out the obviousness of this stuff, year after year.

David Von Pein
April 16, 2010