(PART 930)


Why was dissection of the bullet track, and neck wound, forbidden to the prosectors? Why were they allowed to dissect the chest incisions, which were clearly not bullet wounds, but not allowed to dissect the bullet wounds?


Conspiracy theorists love to harp on the supposed "incomplete autopsy" or the "botched autopsy" performed by Drs. Humes, Boswell, and Finck. But there's really nowhere the conspiracists can go with that type of argument, and that's because the IMPORTANT/PERTINENT ISSUES at JFK's autopsy were positively and satisfactorily arrived at, such as: the cause of death and the details about where the bullets entered and exited John F. Kennedy's body.

All other criticisms regarding the autopsy take a back seat and are relatively unimportant when compared with the points mentioned above.

Conspiracists, naturally, will always ask:

But what about the throat wound that nobody knew was a bullet hole during the autopsy?

Well, okay. But where does that line of inquiry really go? And more importantly, where did the bullet go that entered JFK's throat (if conspiracy believers want to suggest that a bullet entered JFK's neck from the front, as almost all CTers do seem to believe)?

And, just as importantly, where then did the SECOND bullet go that would have had to enter President Kennedy's back and ALSO not exit his body?

Is a reasonable person supposed to believe that TWO bullets went AWOL after entering the President's neck and back, with neither bullet exiting the body? TWO of them?!

What are the odds that NEITHER of those bullets that entered Kennedy but DIDN'T EXIT would not be found? A million to one? A billion to one?

Plus: Where's the substantial damage to JFK's innards as a result of those two bullets that CTers say entered but never went out the other side of his body? Answer: there is none. Everything suggests that ONE bullet went through John F. Kennedy from back to front. Conspiracists merely wish to ignore the obvious, with the CTers, instead, choosing to believe that the autopsy results were totally wrong as a result of foul play on the part of ___________ (fill in the blank).

The people who constantly whine about how the autopsy was being "controlled" by the evil military in order to hide the true facts about President Kennedy's wounds (or some equivalent theory just as silly) are people who apparently want to completely ignore the fact that the autopsy performed on 11/22/63 provided the most important information about how JFK died -- i.e., he was shot twice and only twice, with both bullets entering the President from behind.

Everything else is just a parlor game. And it's a parlor game that goes absolutely noplace--except back to these same autopsy results that we find on page 543 of the Warren Report:

"It is our opinion that the deceased died as a result of two perforating gunshot wounds inflicted by high velocity projectiles fired by a person or persons unknown. The projectiles were fired from a point behind and somewhat above the level of the deceased."

David Von Pein
January 11, 2010