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Do you have any forensic evidence that says JFK was shot from the front or side?


Do you have any medical evidence that says JFK was shot from the front or side?


Do you have any ballistic evidence that says JFK was struck by a round fired from another weapon other than the Mannlicher Carcano owned by Oswald and found on the 6th floor of the Schoolbook Depository?


Do you have any physical evidence that says he was shot from some other location other than the 6th floor of the Schoolbook Depository?


Like I said: when you find out who did it, let us know.


Yes to all of what JP Sullivan said above.

1. The Z film.

2. The hole in the back of Kennedy's head which 40 people saw in two hospitals.

3. The facts that a Mauser was the first weapon found and that a Mauser shell was found in Dealey Plaza.

4. Lee Bowers and Sam Holland unexpurgated testimony.

Is JP Sullivan an alias for Von Pein? Because only he could beleive [sic] this stuff.


This is yet another humorous part of DiEugenio's very odd fantasy beliefs -- his belief that "only DVP" could possibly believe that Oswald acted alone in murdering President Kennedy and J.D. Tippit.

I guess Jimbo just wants to totally dismiss the fact that BOTH of the major United States Government investigations into JFK's death concluded that Lee Harvey Oswald DID, in fact, shoot and kill BOTH Kennedy and Tippit. And yet, somehow, here in the year 2015, Jim seems to think that "only DVP" (and maybe three or four other LNers such as Vince Bugliosi, John McAdams, Jean Davison, and Dale Myers) are members of the "Lone Assassin" team.

"CTers" outnumber "LNers" by a large margin, yes. I don't deny that. But DiEugenio is sadly in error if he really thinks that only a tiny handful of people in the world (even if only the "Internet world" is included) believe that Oswald was the sole assassin. There are millions of LNers out there. And that number is getting bigger each year (at least according to some of the latest polls that I have seen).

And Jimbo's #3 item above is a double batch of misinformation. No "Mauser" was found in the Depository, and no "Mauser shell" was found in Dealey Plaza that can possibly be linked to the assassination of the President on 11/22/63.

And the fact that anybody who thinks Oswald was being set up and framed WELL IN ADVANCE of November 22nd to take the lone fall for JFK's murder, as James DiEugenio DOES believe was the case in 1963, can ALSO believe that a Mauser rifle was found in the Book Depository Building immediately after the assassination is a combination of contradictory beliefs that is truly hilarious indeed.

Because why would any plotters trying to frame Oswald, who owned a Carcano (despite DiEugenio's absurd beliefs to the contrary), have ever wanted a MAUSER rifle in the building in the first place? Were the evil plotters trying to frame Patsy Oswald with BOTH a Carcano AND a Mauser? And yet, incredibly, DiEugenio likes the "Mauser" theory anyway, even though all of the bullet evidence is linked directly to Mannlicher-Carcano rifle C2766. Go figure the logic of that. I sure can't.


Then, too, it's not surprising in the least that DiEugenio believes in the "Mauser" myth. After all, he believes in just about every JFK myth that has ever come down Conspiracy Avenue since '63, as I enjoy pointing out as often as I possibly can via the list below, which only exemplifies and highlights how much of a rabid conspiracy-loving clown Mr. DiEugenio has become over the years....

---> The Stupid Things James DiEugenio Believes <---

As I said in January of 2013....

And yet despite the above laundry list of silliness, James DiEugenio is still held in high esteem by many people when it comes to his evaluation of the evidence and his assessment of the facts concerning the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.



The fact of the matter is that the evidence indicates Brennan was not even at the line ups.


What a crock. DiEugenio has no shame. To him, the more liars, the better.

Howard Brennan said this in his initial affidavit filled out within hours of JFK's murder:

"I believe that I could identify this man if I ever saw him again."
-- Howard L. Brennan; 11/22/63 Affidavit

And with the above words staring the cops in the face on the day of the assassination itself, Jim DiEugenio thinks the police never called Brennan in to view any of the lineups. Hilarious!

Of course, Jimmy's silly theory about Howard Brennan never being at a police lineup is not really new. Jimbo has been spouting such nonsense for years, such as this little gem he uttered on Black Op Radio in May of 2010:

"I don't think Brennan was at any lineup. I think that was all manufactured after the fact. I think Brennan is a completely created witness." -- Jim DiEugenio; May 27, 2010

Can Jimbo possibly get any more ridiculous and laughable than that?

And since he's on record uttering such tommyrot for the world to hear, Jimbo now has no choice but to call Secret Service agent Forrest Sorrels a liar too when it comes to this topic of Brennan and the lineups. Here's why....

http://jfk-archives.blogspot.com/DVP Vs. DiEugenio (Part 36)

DiEugenio's Liars Club just keeps getting bigger and bigger, year after year. Pretty soon, Jimmy will probably have Jackie Kennedy on his list of liars and cover-up agents (if she's not on Jim's list already).


The Harper fragment is occipital and therefore a shot came from the front.


In reality, of course, the X-ray of President Kennedy's head conclusively proves that one of the areas from where the Harper Fragment COULD NOT POSSIBLY have originated was the occipital (back) portion of JFK's head:

So, DiEugenio's record concerning the JFK assassination is still very much intact -- he hasn't gotten one thing right yet.

David Von Pein
April 2015